Game of the Month: February 2019

At the beginning of the month, I thought I had a relatively simple task of picking out one particular game to highlight as my Game of the Month for February. But then Nintendo had to go and gives us an excellent new Nintendo Direct presentation, increasing the number of games I want to talk about by a lot.
The number of honourable mentions has increased thanks to said Direct, so I’ll just jump right in.First up, honourable mentions.

  • Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – I know I featured this game last month, but it gets an honourable mention here as I am currently on a second playthrough, tackling sidequests I missed the first time around.
  • Wargroove – An excellent strategy game that feels a lot like what would happen if you took Advance Wars and gave it a medieval fantasy setting.
  • Touhou Sky Arena Matsuri Climax – Actually my first Touhou game for my Switch, and it is a 3D battle action game, featuring 20 characters and over 70 songs. Some of my favourite Touhou characters – Utsuho Reiuji, Flandre Scarlet, Nue Houjuu, Kogasa Tatara and Tenshi Hinanawi – are playable, so I couldn’t resist.
  • Tetris 99 – It’s Tetris, but with a battle royale twist. 99 players are pitted against each other, and you simply have to be the last one standing. Being Tetris, this is addictive.
  • Final Fantasy IX – For the first time, I shall be experiencing the ninth entry of the Final Fantasy series. I enjoy JRPGs, and the Final Fantasy series is a staple of the genre.

Whew, that’s it for honourable mentions, so I’ll now switch my focus to the game I particularly want to highlight for this month.

BlazBlue Centralfiction Special EditionBlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition is the final part of the BlazBlue saga, which is probably my favourite series of one-on-one fighting games. When it comes to fighting games, Arc System Works top even Capcom for me.
The Special Edition includes all character DLC and version 2.0 updates, giving us a roster of 36 characters. For those who are curious, my main is Makoto Nanaya – though I don’t play online very often, since I tend to prefer single player. Celica A. Mercury is another character that I quite enjoying playing as, too.
BlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition has plenty of single player content for me to sink my teeth into – there’s the 40+ hour story mode, challenge mode, Arcade Mode, Grim of Abyss Mode, Score Attack Mode and Speed Star Mode.
Of course, you can also fight online as well. I’ll probably give online fights a few attempts, though I expect to have to work hard to earn any victories there.
Another great fighting game from Arc System Works that will sit nicely alongside BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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