BanG Dream! 2nd Season Episode 7: Festival Preparations

A double cultural festival is proposed between Hanasakigawa Girls’ and Haneoka Girls’ high schools in episode seven of BanG Dream! 2nd Season. Poppin’ Party’s first anniversary also happens to be coming up, so they will be extremely busy too.
It honestly feels like there is a lot going on in this episode, so I may keep things simple and focus on the highlights rather than recapping everything.

Roselia Swimsuits

A photo from Roselia’s trip to the beach

Hina is the one who proposes the double cultural festival, but ultimately Rinko has to agree to it as the student council president of Hanasakigawa. She talks with Ako, who gives her the encouragement she needs – and we also see some photos of things Roselia have done together in the past.

Rokka & Asuka

Seems like Asuka may be a little jealous of all the attention Rokka gives to Poppin’ Party

Rokka and Asuka are together, but it seems that Rokka is willing to forget about that at the drop of a hat when Poppin’ Party comes up. Poppin’ Party are at Galaxy, and they want to arrange the date for their self-sponsored show.


Tae can’t resists Rimi’s cuteness

Poppin’ Party have plenty to do, as they agree to perform at the double cultural festival, have their anniversary show coming up, as well as their self-sponsored show. On top of that, they are writing a new song. Tae doesn’t seem to be particularly feeling it, so she takes up busking in order to prepare for said events – even managing to persuade Kasumi and Rimi to join her.

Festival Band

Aya, Kanon, Moca, Lisa and Tsugumi will be performing at the cultural festival as a session band

Aya wants Pastel * Palettes to perform at the festival, but she is unable to clear it with management. Hina suggests that she forms a new band, so she can just perform as a high school girl. Hina is able to gather together five members, some more willingly than others: Aya Maruyama from Pastel * Palettes, Kanon Matsubara from Hello, Happy World!, Lisa Imai from Roselia, and Moca Aoba & Tsugumi Hazawa from Afterglow.

Lay & Tae

Tae is reunited with an old friend, Lay

Tae’s street performances result in her being reunited with a childhood friend, a girl she calls Lay. Tae and Lay had intended to form a band together, but Lay moved away. Now, of course, Tae is part of Poppin’ Party.

Pareo & CHU2

Pareo & CHU2



Finally, we end with CHU2 and Pareo, who have scouted a new drummer. It’s the blonde girl we’ve seen before, and they give her the name ‘Masking’. CHU2 moves one step closer to creating a band that can surpass Roselia, or so she believes.

I really liked this episode, as it felt like there was a whole lot going on. I’m impressed they managed to squeeze it all into 25 minutes, to be honest. Various characters from each band had their moments to shine, and I think that really helped with the sense for all the preparations being made for the double cultural festival.
Seems like Tae gained a potential new girlfriend from this episode, since she seems to be pretty close with Lay. You could argue that they are just friends, but this is BanG Dream!
On that subject, Rokka really needs to start paying more attention to Asuka. Hopefully that will be something she comes to realise sooner rather than later.

We steadily seeing the sixth band of the franchise come together. I’m pretty curious to see how that will all end up, but I imagine there are still a few episodes before we get to that. Rokka’s still keen to start or join a band, and Lay must have been introduced for some reason…

So, yeah, an all-round good episode, at least in my opinion. I’m looking forward to seeing what the double cultural festival has in store.

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