Aikatsu Friends! Episode 43: Thank You

The premise for episode forty-three of Aikatsu Friends! is a very simple one: Aine and Mio want to show their gratitude towards their fans for supporting them. Oh, and we also get to meet Mio’s Dad.

Aine & Mio

Pure Palette are busier than ever, but they’re willing to meet all challenges head on

After their success at the Diamond Friends Cup, Aine and Mio find themselves a lot more active than they were before. They weren’t able to make it this far without their fans’ freinergy, so Aine wants to return it to them in some way to thank them for everything.

Mio's Dad

Mio’s Dad, Osamu Minato

Aine and Mio can barely contain themselves, so they decide to go out for a run. When they do, they happen to bump into a man that Mio knows quite well: Osamu Minato, her Dad. Aine introduces herself, noting that she is familiar with the name Osamu Minato.
Osamu is a designer, and the person who designed the plates that the Penguin Café use. He also happened to design the limousine that the Diamond Friends get to ride around in.

Reiko Minato

Mio’s Mum, Reiko Minato

Aine goes over to the Minato family home, where she has dinner with Mio’s family. The Minatos are a family of designers – Mio’s Dad is an industrial designer, her Mum is a fashion designer, and Mio has designed her own dresses. On that note, Reiko has a surprising reveal for Aine and Mio; she is the person who designed their Diamond Dresses.

Mino & Aine

Mio and Aine are determined to show just how bright they can shine

Pure Palette have a show coming up where they will be debuting their Diamond Dresses, but they won’t be alone. Honey Cat will also be part of said show. When the day arrives, Honey Cat have an announcement for everyone.

Honey Cat

Honey Cat announce that they are going on a world tour

Honey Cat are off on another tour, but not just around Japan this time. Instead, they shall be travelling the world, meeting their international fans. After they have made their announcement, it is Pure Palette’s turn to take the stage.

Thank You

Pure Palette thank their fans

Aine and Mio go out on stage, and give the speech they prepared. Aine gets a bit sidetracked, but ultimately it all boils down to the two of them thanking their fans for all the support. With their gratitude made clear, it is time for Pure Palette’s first performance in their Diamond Dresses.

Let's Go Together

Aine and Mio ready to debut their Diamond Dresses

Diamond Dresses

Aine wears the Diamond Dream Coord, whilst Mio wears the Diamond Wish Coord

Pure Palette put on a dazzling performance, inspiring everybody who sees them. Notably, Chiharu wants to create a dress that shines just as bright as the Diamond Dresses.

Pure Palette, Honey Cat, Tamaki, Chiharu & Ken

Pure Palette receives messages of support from their fellow Friends units

The episode ends with Honey Cat congratulating Pure Palette, as well as messages of support from both Reflect Moon and Love Me Tear.

This episode was a nice follow-up to the Diamond Friends Cup. We got to see Pure Palette’s Diamond Dresses for the first time, and discover a neat little connection thanks to Reiko being the designer.
I don’t really have a whole lot to say, other than that this was an enjoyable episode and I look forward to seeing what Pure Palette have in store for them.

Though saying that, I’m not exactly enthusiastic about the next episode. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see where it goes.

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