Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 2: Data Doesn’t Matter

The second episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure naturally introduces the second member of this new PreCure team. That means it is Lala’s turn to be in the spotlight, and I have been looking forward to this. Let’s see if this episode lives up to my expectations.


Lala is super cute

This episode begins with Lala attempting to make repairs on her rocket, but it has suffered a lot of damage. Meanwhile, Hikaru wants to know exactly what PreCure are supposed to be. Puruns explains that they are legendary warriors who will restore the light of the stars when they fade.

Lala again

I’ll say this now: I really like Lala

As Lala continues to attempt to repair her rocket, Puruns decides that he should look after the Twinkle Book. Hikaru disagrees; it was her treasure before it transformed, after all. She persuades Puruns that it is best kept in the hands of PreCure.


Lala and Puruns are not allowed to be spotted by Earthlings

For the time being, Hikaru decides to take Lala, Fuwa and Puruns to her home. There’s a catch, though: if they are spotted by Earthlings, they will be banned from space travel. Hikaru has dinner with her family, during which time Lala decides to go back to her rocket.
Out of curiosity, Lala’s asks her rocket’s AI the chances of her becoming PreCure. It sits at 0.000000012%. Coincidentally, Hikaru’s chance of becoming PreCure was exactly the same.

Lala & Hikaru

Hikaru shares some rice balls with Lala

Hikaru shows up, and she brings along some rice balls to share with Lala. Lala insists that her Cosmo Gummies are fine, but Hikaru is able to convince her to try the rice balls. Lala is pleasantly surprised.
We also learn that Lala is 13 years old in Earth years, though considered an adult on her planet. Hikaru has to cut her meeting with Lala short, as she’ll end up in trouble if she stays out too late.

Star Princesses

Four of the twelve Star Princesses

The following day, Puruns tells Hikaru about the Starsky World, where the Star Princesses live in the Star Palace. They are the protectors of the galaxy. However, the Notraiders invaded to claim their power as their own, so the Star Princesses used the last of their power to send Fuwa and Puruns away to seek out PreCure. They ended up scattered across space, which is why Lala is so keen to fix her rocket.
Hikaru reacts in her usual way to hearing all this, which makes Lala feel that she isn’t taking her duty as PreCure seriously.

You can become PreCure

Hikaru tells Lala that she can become PreCure

Lala takes a break from her repairs, and ends up meeting Ryo – the old man from the observatory. Hikaru shows up, and says that she is just a friend and totally not an alien. After Ryo departs, Hikaru asks Lala if she wants to become PreCure. As far as Lala knows, the data says that she can’t. Hikaru believes otherwise, though.

Star protects Lala

Cure Star protects Lala from Kappard’s attack

Kappard shows up at this point, still determined to capture Fuwa. Hikaru transforms, but finds it difficult to protect Lala and Fuwa from both Kappard and his Notrey soldiers. Cure Star tells Lala to transform, and through her desire to protect Fuwa with her own strength, that is exactly what Lala does.

Cure Milky

The Milky Way unfolding in the heavens, Cure Milky

Lala transforms into Cure Milky. Of course, Kappard sends the Notreys after her immediately. However, she is able to defend herself this time around.

Milky attacks

Cure Milky uses electrical attacks

Milky is impressed at her own power, whereas Kappard says that miracles don’t happen twice. Milky agrees, though. Hikaru transforming into Cure Star was her miracle; this time it was Lala’s miracle that saw her transform into Cure Milky. Kappard attacks, but Cure Milky unleashes her special attack, the PreCure Milky Shock.
After being electrocuted, Kappard retreats.

Glowing pendant

Hikaru’s Star Colour Pendant begins to glow

Lala says that she thought she could become PreCure because she saw Hikaru do it, which seems to make Hikaru happy. Then the Star Colour Pendant begins to glow, but we’ll need to wait until the next episode to see what all that is about.

So, did Cure Milky’s debut live up to my expectations? Yes, it absolutely did. I already like Lala a lot, and she just got even better in this episode.
I also like that we get a blue Cure that uses electricity – typically they tend to favour water or ice attacks. Definitely got to give Cure Milky some credit for that.
As for Cure Milky’s design – well, she bares a strong resemblance to Mio Minato from Aikatsu Friends!. I like it, though.
Lala’s extremely cute, too. There’s a moment during her transformation sequence where she puffs her cheeks up – when her hair is changing – that is just adorable. She does a similar thing when unleashing her PreCure Milky Shock as well.
So I like Cure Milky a lot, but just don’t go getting her confused with Milky Rose from Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!.

Next time, it looks like Hikaru and Lala won’t exactly be getting along. A pretty common occurrence for a lot of new PreCure couples. Also seems like we may have to wait until episode four to see the next member join the team, but I’m willing to wait.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to this:Milky & Star gummiesStar Twinkle PreCureThese pictures come from an advert for Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure gummy sweets, and I’d like to think that they are a hint of things to come for Cure Star and Cure Milky.

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1 Response to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 2: Data Doesn’t Matter

  1. OG-Man says:

    Not gonna lie. While Lala wasn’t my Hype Ranger of the season she’s quite adorable and her puffy electricity is cute and cool. Once she takes a chill pill she’ll be an excellent Ranger.

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