Thoughts on Crisis Girls Volume 1

Guess what? This is the last volume of manga that I need to cover to clear out my backlog. More specifically, my backlog of manga that I have read but not reviewed. I’ve got an even bigger pile of manga that I haven’t even read, let alone reviewed that I need to work through, but I’ll be focusing on Hiroaki Yoshikawa’s Crisis Girls first.
Crisis Girls is an action comedy manga that was originally serialised in Shonen Magazine Edge. It was released as two collected volumes, with Seven Seas publishing it in English.
The first volume contains five chapters.

Crisis Girls Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of Crisis Girls, featuring Grave-Digger Kaede

“Arise! Arise! …Arise, Already!
Killer penguins, nefarious chihuahuas, and those who wold dare put chocolate cakes in peril are bound to meet their match when the world’s cutest necromancer is on the scene.

Crisis Girls focuses on the ten-year old Grave-Digger Kaede. As a necromancer, it is her job to protect Crisis City from the crises that constantly befall it. The very first crisis she has to deal with is a giant penguin and its penguin army.
With its giant penguin monster, Crisis Girls makes quite notable first impression. Being a necromancer, she is able to raise the dead to help her out in battle. Not that the first zombies she resurrects last all that long…

Kaede lives with Okabe Makoto, who is her legal guardian. When it comes down to it, Kaede sees Okabe as a father figure. She doesn’t have any other friends or family, so she is quite attached to him.
Okabe is pretty much a doting parent, though he also has to train Kaede in order to protect Crisis City – for example, telling who gets priority in a hostage situation.

A second Crisis Girl is also introduced in this volume, and Kaede really does not like her. When Toucha shows up, she and her guardian intend on taking over Kaede’s territory. Naturally, Kaede challenges her to a competition to see how can resolve the next crisis first.

The first volume of Crisis Girls is a fun read, with plenty of funny moments and some rather violent battles. Zombies are involved, though, so it’s about par for the course. Kaede may be the protector of Crisis City, but she is still a child after all. Her priorities tend to differ from other peoples’.

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