Thoughts on Kiniro Mosaic Volume 6

Moving steadily closer to clearing out my backlog, I now turn my attention to Kiniro Mosaic. The sixth volume gets somewhat festive, and the girls start their final year of high school.

Kiniro Mosaic Volume 6

Front cover of the 6th volume of Kiniro Mosaic, featuring Aya Komichi, Alice Cartelet & Youko Inokuma

The girls are headed toward their final year in high school! Whether it’s Alice’s first visit to a Japanese bath house or the fanciest low-key Christmas party ever, the fun never stops. Santa Karen also has the ultimate yuletide present for Alice… but mum’s the word!

Much like the previous volumes, the sixth volume of Kiniro Mosaic gives us more cute and funny interactions amongst the main cast – something I’d wager I have mentioned every time I’ve written one of these reviews.
I’ll guess I’ll just keep it simple and focus on some of the highlights from this volume.

The thing that sticks with me most from this volume is Karen’s Christmas surprise for Alice. I’m giving it away here, but Karen was able to arrange to get Alice’s parents over to Japan.
Following that, Alice’s Mum ends up hanging out with Alice and her friends, and we get some really great interactions between them all. Alice’s Mum ends up becoming everyone’s Mum, in a sense. That particular part of the manga also notes that having Alice and her Mum together is just like having two Alices around.

There’s also a part where Karen goes shopping together with Honoka. We know that Honoka is in love with Karen, but this is the first time she has got to spend time with her alone. It’s an adorable part, with the pair going clothes shopping and picking out matching dresses.

On the subject of romance, Valentine’s Day is also covered in this volume. What is particularly notable about that are the chocolates that Kuzehashi gives to Karasuma. She gets a much bigger gift compared to the other teachers.

We also get a rare instance of Youko wearing a skirt – that’s not part of her uniform – when she ends up hanging out with Isami. Unfortunately we don’t get to see Aya react to that, but there are plenty of other moments between those two.
Going back to Alice’s Mum for a moment, we find that Alice described Youko and Aya as a ‘husband and wife’ in her letters back home. Actually, Alice wrote a lot of stuff in her letters that she doesn’t really want her Mum sharing.

There’s more fun things going on in this volume besides that I’ve already mentioned, but those are my personal highlights. Kiniro Mosaic is a manga that genuinely makes me laugh out loud when I read it, and this volume is no exception to that.

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