Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Episode 5: Mighty Talon

Time for the action to pick up in episode five of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, as both Asuka and Kurumi have opponents that they must fight.

Asuka vs Magical Mercenaries

Rapture fights the magical mercenaries

To begin with, there are two separate fights going on in this episode. First, I shall focus on Rapture’s fight against the Russian magical mercenaries. The pair of mercenaries have use a combination of magic and military two-man cell tactics to fight.

Rapture Talon

Rapture Talon

By using a nearby car as cover, Rapture is able to buy herself a few moments to increase the size of her karambit and unleash her Rapture Talon attack, which cleanly cuts one foe in half. Unfortunately for the remaining mercenary, he does not stand a chance against Rapture in one-on-one combat.

Asuka's Victory

Asuka defeats the Russian magical mercenaries

Fighting the magical mercenaries has reawakened Rapture’s sense for magical combat. She also notices an enemy fairy fleeing, and has Sacchuu chase after it.

Abby vs Kurumi

War Nurse fights Magical Girl Barber Scissors Abby

War Nurse’s fight against Abby, who has revealed herself to be a magical girl, is not going so well. It’s not just Abby that War Nurse has to fight; she has to deal with a pair of enhanced Halloween class Disas as well.


Abby’s ‘queen’ again

As War Nurse’s fight continues, the enemy fairy is able to find a quiet place to report on the situation to their leader. She is very impressed by Asuka’s power, though that was what she expected. The enemy fairy’s conversation soon gets cut short, though.

Spirit Punch

Spirit Punch

Sacchuu corners the enemy fairy, and attacks it using spirit brass knuckles. Rapture scolds Sacchuu for almost killing the fairy, and has him capture it so they can take it back to M Squad. Iizuka tells Rapture that War Nurse is in combat.

War Nurse

War Nurse isn’t doing too well

Abby has the upper hand against War Nurse, and claims that the Magical Five aren’t all that. War Nurse despises that name, though – there were eleven magical girls who fought in the war. As far as she is concerned, the six who died should be the legends. Naturally, Abby doesn’t really care about all that, and threatens to cut War Nurse’s legs off.

M Squad

M Squad

Before any damage can be done, though, reinforcements arrive. The M Squad are equipped to take down Abby’s enhanced Halloween class monsters, though they are unable to penetrate her shield. However, there is one thing that is ideal for dealing with a magical girl.


The best offence against a magical girl is another magical girl

Rapture joins the battle, managing to cut off a few of Abby’s fingers in the process. However, when Asuka attempts to finish Abby off, a magical barrier appears. It was created by yet another magical girl, who has absolutely no problem stopping the M Squad’s enhanced bullets.

Abby rescued

Abby is saved by her queen

The magical girl grabs Abby, and Rapture can’t help but feel she recognises her from somewhere. She isn’t quite able to put her finger on who it is, though.

Traumatised Nozomi

Nozomi suffers PTSD

After the battle is over, Rapture and War Nurse decide to go and pay a visit to Nozomi. She is suffering PTSD, with even the mere sight of scissors being enough to set her off. She goes into hysterics when she sees the two magical girls in her room, but War Nurse offers to do something about it. War Nurse can erase the memories of the past week with a magical procedure, meaning that Nozomi will have absolutely no recollection of what happened to her. However, she needs to act immediately or nothing can be done.
Nozomi’s father agrees, and War Nurse carries out the procedure.

Asuka & Kurumi

Asuka decides to join the M Squad

After that, Asuka talks with Kurumi and tells her that she wanted to be a magical girl when she was younger – the type of person who could save everyone with her magic. Of course, reality was much harsher and she feels that she failed to protect anyone this time – however, she was able to save the lives of both Nozomi and Kurumi. Asuka decides that she will join the M Squad.


Nozomi is back to her old self

We end this episode with Nozomi being back to her old self, blissfully unaware of what she had been through. She also invites Asuka to go watch a film, again.

This episode adapted the remaining part of chapter 6 (Abby transforming), chapter 7, chapter 8, part of chapter 9 and chapter 10. Chapter 9 had a scene with Abby and her queen that wasn’t covered here, but maybe we’ll see that in the next episode or something.
As for what was different: Sacchuu was sent to find the enemy fairy whilst Asuka was fighting the magical mercenaries in the manga, for a start. After the battle, there’s a quick scene of Rapture hugging War Nurse – the anime skipped straight to Iizuka’s arrival.
Perhaps this is another thing we’ll see next time, but Nozomi’s return to school had her groping Sayako. Inviting the others out to go see a film is an anime-only thing, at least as far as I am aware.

This episode delivered some action, with Asuka regaining her sense for magical combat. I enjoyed seeing her action, though I do hope that her next foes are able to put up more of a fight. Even fighting two-on-one didn’t give the mercenaries the advantage they needed against Asuka once she got into it.
On the other hand, War Nurse struggled a lot against Abby – again, another fight where one side was outnumbered due to the Disas.
It was also nice to see a military unit that are capable of fighting magical girls – often the military end up being naught more than cannon fodder. Not the case here, which I liked.

All in all, a pretty great episode of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka. Looks like we’ll be getting some anime-only stuff next time, though Mia Cyrus will also be making an appearance as well so the adaptation does continue on at least a bit.

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2 Responses to Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Episode 5: Mighty Talon

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  2. OG-Man says:

    It would be too obvious if the Queen ends up being Francine. There HAS to be more to it than that. I’ll find out eventually.

    Abigail like most of the ladies on the show is yummy. Average lunatic but yummy nonetheless.

    Asuka taking out the Russian Twins was awesome, so was Kurumi’s brave stand and the ladies of M Squad.

    The scene with everyone begrudgingly agreeing to erase part of Nozomi’s memories was hard to watch. Oh dear.

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