BanG Dream! 2nd Season Episode 6: Happy Healthy Go Go Festival

With a festival coming up in episode six of BanG Dream! 2nd Season, Poppin’ Party and Afterglow are set to perform on an outdoor stage. The weather seems to have other plans in mind, though…


Rokka happens upon this blonde drummer

The episode starts with Rokka working at Galaxy, when she hears something. She investigates, and discovers that a girl has passed out by the drums. The girl wakes up, glares at Rokka, calls her cute and then leaves.
After recovering from her shock, Rokka follows the girl. She gets distracted by one of her colleagues putting up a poster about the ‘Happy Healthy Go Go Festival’, which includes a musical performance.


Tsugumi calls a meeting about the upcoming festival

With the festival coming up, there is a meeting about it held at Hazawa Coffee. Rokka is invited along as well, as a representative of Galaxy. As they discuss the festival, a suggestion is made that Poppin’ Party should perform as well. Saya says she’ll pass the message on, but she already knows what the answer is going to be.

Poppin' Party

Kasumi and Tae are particularly enamoured to be performing on an outdoor stage

Hey, Hey, No

Nobody ever joins in with Himari’s ‘Hey! Hey! Hoh~!’

Next up, we join Afterglow at the end of a practice session. They decide to call it a day, and stop by the Yamabuki bakery before arriving at the sight where the outdoor stage is going to built. They are looking forward to their show, but Himari may be a little to enthusiastic.


Afterglow on the roof

The festival approaches, and all the necessary preparations are made. On the day of the event, Poppin’ Party, Afterglow, and Lock (that would be Rokka’s nickname, by the way) get all the equipment set up on stage.
Just as Afterglow are about to perform, it starts raining.


Ran looks up to the sky as the rain starts to fall

The audience rush to find shelter, whilst the girls all get to work to make sure that the rain doesn’t affect the equipment too badly. They are able to get everything away safely, though they all end up soaked.

Aiming for Budokan

Afterglow have their sights set on Budokan

Whilst they wait for the rain to clear, Rokka asks Afterglow about how they first formed. They go over it, but those who have read Afterglow’s story in BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! will already know all this. All five girls were in the same class until middle school, when Ran got put in a different one. Tsugumi suggested that they form a band so they could spend more time together, and that’s it.
After that, Afterglow also reveal that they have a goal; they are aiming to perform at Budokan.


Afterglow performing “Y.O.L.O!!!!!”

The rain clears up, and a joint effort from Poppin’ Party and Afterglow soon sees the stage clear and equipment set up ready for the gig. Afterglow are first up, and they perform “Y.O.L.O!!!!!”. They put on an impressive show, though for them that is the ‘same as always’.

Kasumi's announcement

Kasumi announces the venue of Poppin’ Party’s self-sponsored show

After Afterglow, Poppin’ Party go on stage. We get a snipped of “Happy Happy Party” from them, which is followed by Kasumi announcing that Poppin’ Party will be doing their self-sponsored show at Galaxy. This comes as quite the shock to Rokka.


There’s an extra scene after the end credits

That brings episode 6 of BanG Dream! 2nd Season to an end.

A solid episode, I’d say. Admittedly I’m a little disappointed we didn’t really get any MocaRan or TomoHima interactions, but Afterglow still had a pretty good showing here.
I’m glad Tsugumi got her time to shine, because I feel like she is the least prominent member of Afterglow. Maybe its because the other four pair off nicely into ships, or perhaps its because her character design feels a little standard, especially compared to her bandmates.
Tsugumi feels like one of the quieter characters, but Afterglow probably wouldn’t even exist if not for her. She’s just as important as the other four members of the band.
This episode pretty much gave her the spotlight, which I am totally fine with.
This episode also made it feel like Tomoe stole Ran’s ‘same as always’ thing. Ran is the one best known for that, after all.
On that subject, just ignore the subtitles when it comes to Himari’s cheer. It is ‘Hey! Hey! Hoh~!’, not anything else. Not that anyone wants to join in…

I’ve already mentioned that Afterglow’s origin is covered in BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!. That’s not the only thing, though – they reference Tsugumi fainting, and the lucky charms are both things that come from the game as well.

Poppin’ Party actually got to do something this time around as well, which was nice. They shared this episode with Afterglow, but we now know that Galaxy will be the venue for their self-sponsored show.

Overall I enjoyed this episode. I’m a little disappointed Afterglow went with “Y.O.L.O!!!!!” over “Hey-day Capriccio” or “That Is How I Roll!”, but we’ve still got more episodes and plenty more chances to hear those songs.

Though saying that, I am not familiar with the song for the next episode. Looks like Tae might have a significant role to play, though, so I’m looking forward to that.

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