Thoughts on Magical Girl Raising Project Volume 2

Another day, another volume of manga from my backlog to review. This time it is an adaptation of light novel. This is the second volume of the Magical Girl Raising Project manga.Magical Girl Raising Project Volume 2What started as a beautiful dream has now become a blood-soaked nightmare. Seven magical girls have been struck down so far – and it only gets worse from here! Grief-stricken over the deaths of her closest friends, Snow White has vowed to quit being a magical girl. But if the fairest maiden of them all gives up, who will keep the dream alive? Is all hope lost for N City…?

The second volume of the Magical Girl Raising Project manga brings the story to its bloody conclusion, so naturally there are a number of action scenes as the number of magical girls steadily dwindles.
There is Ripple and Top Speed’s united front against Calamity Mary, Swim Swim taking on Cranberry, and of course the very final battle. These are some very gory battles, and with the nigh immortal Hardgore Alice also being present, you will be seeing guts.

Once again, Snow White doesn’t actively participate in the battles; something that she herself acknowledges. Still, she does get some development here, though most of it comes towards the end.

So to summarise: great battle scenes that tend to be very gory, character development for both Snow White and Ripple due to tragic circumstances, and the opportunity to relive the gut punches of having favourite characters killed off.

A bit of a shorter review this time, pretty much because I think my review of the anime and the light novel pretty much cover everything I would want to talk about from Magical Girl Raising Project.

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