Thoughts on Forbidden Scrollery Volume 3

Time for another trip back into Gensokyo, as I slowly but surely continue my mission of clearing my backlog of manga. We’re doing even more Forbidden Scrollery, and this third volume contains eight chapters, starting with chapter fourteen and running through all the way to chapter twenty-one.

Forbidden Scrollery Volume 3

Front cover of Forbidden Scrollery volume 2, featuring Marisa Kirisame

In a world of spirits and demons, nothing is ever as it seems, whether it’s the Seven Wonders of Honjo or the story of a kindly exorcist. Kosuzu, Reimu, and Marisa are eager to get down to the truth, but they will soon discover that peeling back the mysteries of Gensokyo only brings about more questions…

This third volume of Forbidden Scrollery contains another series of incidents that Kosuzu, Reimu and Marisa are actively involved in resolving. Amusingly, the causes of said incidents tend to be somewhat harmless, and may even involve familiar faces – well, familiar faces for those who know their Touhou, at least.

These incidents are rooted in Japanese folklore, so they tend to be quite fascinating. There’s also a lot of talk of supernatural incidents, even though that kind of thing tends to be the norm in Gensokyo. This is a place where ghosts exists – including one half-ghost, half-human. Not that Youmu appears in this volume, but Reimu and Marisa do have a different ghost to deal with – more accurately, a vengeful spirit.

Kosuzu may be the central character in Forbidden Scrollery, but more often than not it is either Reimu or Marisa who put a rest to the varying incidents. In some cases, though, Kosuzu does quietly take matters into her own hands, which can actually be seen in this volume.
Kosuzu’s obsession with youma books can also cause trouble, and again you can see that in this volume.

For fans of Touhou, Forbidden Scrollery continues to be an enjoyable read. Reimu and Marisa may be the main protagonists of the series, but Forbidden Scrollery is very much about Kosuzu. She’s an interesting character, with interests that often cause the incidents that Reimu and Marisa investigate during this manga.

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