Thoughts on Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Kanna’s Daily Life Volume 3

All right, time for my ever continuing quest to clear out my backlog of manga, and we continue with another volume of the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid spin-off manga, Kanna’s Daily Life.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Kanna's Daily Life Volume 3

Front cover of volume 3 of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Kanna’s Daily Life, featuring Kanna Kobayashi, Riko Saikawa and Ilulu

Beat the Heat!
Kanna’s summer is full of fun in the sun and plenty of new things to discover! First, she tries to soak up some rays and get a tan, but it’s not long before she and her friends are trying to find the best way to cool off. Is ice cream the answer? Watermelon? Finding a solution might not be so simple for a houseful of dragons!

This third volume of Kanna’s Daily Life starts with a Kobayashi family chapter, as they tackle their laundry. Kanna gets a 10/10 for effort, but her execution is somewhat lacking. Either way, the family chapters of Kanna’s Daily Life are a lot of fun, and just generally heartwarming.

It’s not long before we’re back to focusing on both Kanna and Saikawa, which is naturally the highlight of this spinoff. Whether we’re focusing on them during school, or what they are doing during summer holidays, their interactions are extremely enjoyable. The two make a great pair. Some highlights include the swimming pool, tans and a firefly festival. That last one in particular is a great chapter.

As for other characters, Fafnir is back for another fun chapter. He may not be one of the more prominent supporting characters in this spin-off, but things do tend to get pretty funny when he shows up. Of course, Takiya is never far away from him, either.

Ilulu, Shouta and Lucoa aren’t particularly prominent characters in this volume, but they do show up here and there. I’m more accepting of their appearances here, probably because they tend to be more about their interactions with Kanna rather than the way they tend to be in the main series.
Ilulu is very much part of the Kobayashi family by this point. She does have her decent moments, and Kanna’s Daily Life doesn’t use her mostly for fanservice.

This volume concludes with a popularity poll, and the Kanna being in first place is no surprise. I was surprised at second place, though; it was Elma. Miss Kobayashi rounds out the top three, by the way. I wonder if another spin-off, Elma’s Office Lady Diary, influenced those results – I don’t know when this poll took place, though, so I couldn’t say for sure.

Another volume of excellent Kanna & Saikawa interaction, as well as some really nice Kobayashi family stuff. Kanna’s Daily Life is an excellent spin-off of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

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