ENDRO! Episode 4: Summer Break

Summer break arrives in episode four of ENDRO!, which naturally means that Yusha and the others shall be venturing to a beach. However, Mao has no intention of letting them relax too much over summer break; they have homework to complete as well.

Setting off

The Hero’s Party travel to a nearby island

Yusha is able to get everyone agree that they should go to a beach, so that’s exactly what the hero’s party does. Once they get there, they have a quest to complete. The task is simple; investigate and report on the different types of monsters that they come across.

Yusha, Mei and Fai

Yusha, Mei and Fai are in their swimsuits as soon as they arrive on the island

Once the Hero’s Party arrives at the island, three of them are already changed into their swimsuits and raring to go. Seira tries to tell them that they need to focus on their quest first and foremost, but it’s not long before she gets changed as well.


Seira’s swimsuit

With everyone changed, Seira has everyone start on their quest to investigate the monsters on the island. As they all start searching, Seira comes across a seashell. She tries to pick it up, but it refuses to budge. Fai offers to get it for her.

Tip of the iceberg shell

Tip of the Iceberg Shell

The shell is actually the tail of a monster called tip of the iceberg shell, which lives on sandy beaches. Mistaking its tail for a small shell and kicking it will hurt you like crazy.

Lodging Hunter

Lodging Hunter

The next monster they discover is the Lodging Hunter, which is a nasty creature that looks for a place that can serve as its nest. It will capture it by force and settle into it – the target this time being Yusha’s sandcastle. Let’s just say it is a temporary accommodation.

Watermelon Mimic

Watermelon Mimic

Can’t have a beach episode without watermelon splitting, except the watermelon is actually another monster. The watermelon mimic divides when cut by a sword, grows in size when punched and reflect magic. A seemingly tough opponent, but they happen to be weak mentally.


Fai pulls in quite a bizarre catch

Investigating all those monsters is hungry work, and Fai happened to eat all the food that was prepared for their trip beforehand. Fortunately, Mei has a fishing rod Cartado, so a spot of fishing is in order. Fai uses a casting net rather than a fishing rod, managing to catch a mackerelman.
The mackerelman asks Yusha and the others for their help. The mackerelman accidentally unsealed an evil god, and wants Yusha and the others to get rid of it. Being a Hero, Yusha agrees immediately.

Waterbreathing Cartado

The Hero’s Party are able to go underwater thanks to Mei’s Waterbreathing Cartado

With a little help from Mei’s Cartado, the Hero’s Party goes underwater and follow the mackerelman to the temple where the evil god resides. Other mackerels have been enslaved, but Yusha and the others save them from the evil god’s forces. After that, there’s the small matter of facing the evil god himself.

Hero's Party

The Hero’s Party ready to slay an evil god

Yusha and her companions enter the temple, where they come face-to-face with the evil god. They have a pretty amusing exchange before combat begins.

Evil God

The evil god

The attacks of Seira, Mei and Fai have little to no effect on the evil god. He can only be harmed by members of the Hero clan, so I’m sure you can imagine how this battle plays out once Yusha gets to attack.


Victory goes to Yusha


Chibi is great, by the way

Yusha and the others return to the surface, where they are thanked by the mackerelman that Fai caught earlier. He tells them that the name of Yusha the Hero will be remembered by their kind. The mackerelman’s people may be saved, but it isn’t all positive for him. You know what they say, though: there are plenty more fish in the sea.


Yusha expresses how grateful she is for her friends

We end on a rather sweet scene, with Yusha thanking all the other members of her party for all that they did.

ENDRO! continues to be a whole lot of fun. A very fun beach episode, with amusing monsters and some brilliantly silly stuff. Chibi is making a very strong argument for being one the best characters in this show, by the way.
That adventure underwater was pretty fun, too, and seeing the evil god subjected to Yusha and her friends in general was amusing. At least they managed to defeat their foe this time, and not turn back the clock.

Another episode were Mao got to do very little, but at least she actually appeared in this one. Who knows, maybe her role is going to expand in the near future? Judging by the preview for the next episode, we shall finally be meeting the princess soon. Maybe that is when Mao will have some more to do, besides sending her students on quests.

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2 Responses to ENDRO! Episode 4: Summer Break

  1. OG-Man says:

    Disappointed the dark skinned beauties didn’t come along but Fai made up for it. Yusha being slightly chubby was a bonus.

    Best part was near the end. You know, the Chibi-chan scene. My poor gut.

    Looking forward to the princess’ debut next time.

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