Aikatsu Friends! Episode 40: Lust for Victory

With the first round of the semifinal of the Diamond Friends Cup out of the way, attention naturally shifts to the second round. It seems that people are pretty confident about who shall advance to the final, but apparently fate might not feel the same way.


Sakuya foresees victory in Reflect Moon’s future

A curious Kaguya decides to ask Coco about the headlines from the Diamond Friends Cup. Naturally, they are about Pure Palette, Honey Cat and Love Me Tear. Nobody seems to believe that Reflect Moon even stand a chance, but Sakuya’s divination says differently. After performing it ten times just to be sure, she foresees Reflect Moon claiming victory over Love Me Tear.


Sakuya has Kaguya chase her all the way to the Diamond Friends Cup stadium

After Sakuya’s divination, Kaguya cannot bring herself to believe it. Sakuya quickly grows tired of Kaguya’s negative attitude, and just runs off. Kaguya follows after her, and people outside believe that Reflect Moon are playing a game of tag.
However, it is actually a ploy for Sakuya to show Kaguya that she has long caught up to her. When Kaguya realises this, she feels like they do have a chance of beating Reflect Moon.

reflect moon

Reflect Moon put on quite the performance

With Reflect Moon having arrived at the stadium, whilst managing to show how much their physical condition has improved due to that little game of chase, it is time for them to perform. Apparently they are at the same level as Love Me Tear, from the previous year.

mirai & karen

Mirai stops Karen from returning to her old self

Reflect Moon even managed to surpass Karen’s expectations, and that causes her lust for victory to overflow. Fortunately, Mirai is there to keep her calm. All that Karen needs to overflow with is love. It is their turn to take the stage after that.

love me tear

Love Me Tear

Love Me Tear go above and beyond during their performance. Honey Cat realise that Love Me Tear are far beyond their reach as Honey Cat are now. The next thing to come is the results of the block B semifinal.

block b semifinal winners

Love Me Tear go through to the final

Sakuya may have divined Reflect Moon’s victory, but that was not to be. Love Me Tear go through to the final. The two units shake hands, and Sakuya promises them that they won’t lost next time.
The reason why Reflect Moon lost? They didn’t have the resolve. Even Sakuya herself couldn’t bring herself to belief her own divination. Still, they have a promising future ahead of them.

karen's first defeat

Karen believed winning was everything, until she lost against Mirai

We end with Love Me Tear talking. It has been four years since they formed, and before that Karen was convinced that winning was the only path for her to follow. Then she lost to Mirai, and that made her realise some things about herself. Love Me Tear was formed shortly afterwards.
Finally, it seems that Love Me Tear has a secret weapon that they want to bring out against Pure Palette in the final.

Have to wait until episode 41 to see that, though. It was always pretty obvious that Love Me Tear were going to be in the finals, but Reflect Moon’s growth is certainly nothing to sniff at.
They are rookie Friends, and yet they were able to make it to the semifinal of the Diamond Friends Cup. Ultimately, though, experience won out in the end.

This was a pretty good episode. One half for Reflect Moon, and the other for Love Me Tear, and we learned some stuff about both sides. Sakuya getting Kaguya to realise that they are equal was sweet.
We also had a glimpse at Karen’s past. Seems she has a competitive side that Mirai helps her keep in check.

Next time, I guess we get to find out what exactly the ‘Love Me Zone’ is.

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