ENDRO! Episode 2: Free Spirits

If you’re going to set out on an adventure with a group, you will need someone to lead the party. In episode two of ENDRO!, the girls discover that choosing a leader isn’t so simple.

sleepy yusha

Yusha struggles to stay awake during Mao’s class

At the Adventurer School, Mao is giving a lesson about the cycle of the Demon Lord and hero: every time a Demon Lord appears, a Hero rises up to defeat the evil. With some help from ‘class president’ Seira, it is explained that the cycle continues up to this very day and we are now on the 999th Hero.

see-lots-of-punches punch

See-Lots-Of-Punches Punch!

Mao decides that the class needs some practical lessons, so first up she has them fight monsters. The monsters she has the class fight are called draptors, and they happen to be quite evasive. However, defeating is a simple matter for Fai.


Mei combines low-level Cartado to multiply their force

Next up is a lesson on Cartado. The force of Cartado users is dependent on their magic power and skill. Her explanation on that gets cut short by Mei, who combines two low-level Cartado that creates a tornado that sweeps through the room.


Yusha’s high luck allows her to avoid traps in the treasure chests

A key part of any adventure is treasure chests, though you do get the odd one that is actually a trap. A few unfortunate members of the class get to find that out the hard way, whilst Yusha manages to avoid the trap every time – which should be a 1% chance.
Mao decides that it is time for her class to embark on a quest, but first they need to decide upon their party leaders.

who should lead

All four girls volunteer for the role of leader

As it turns out, Yusha, Seira, Fai and Mei all respectively thought that they were the leader of their party. This is actually a plan by Mao to drive them apart and force them to disband.
During the night, the girls get together to discuss who should be the leader. A few ideas are thrown out, including making Chibi their leader. Seira says that their leader should at least be bipedal, though.


Chibi tries standing on two feet

Hearing Seira say that, Chibi makes an effort to stand up on her own two feet. She manages to do it, but the noise that the girls make when she does so winds up getting them in trouble. Also, Mao completely vetoes Chibi being the party leader in class the next day.

yusha enters someone's home

Yusha enters a random person’s home and helps herself to their items, gold, food and underwear

Yusha, Seira, Mei and Fai decide that they should take turns being the leader, and decide who gets the role after seeing how everyone performs. Yusha is first to go, and in true JRPG protagonist fashion, she enters a woman’s house and starts helping herself to her items. Unfortunately, Yusha fails the leader test run.

seira's leader test run

Seira’s turn at being a leader doesn’t go well either

When it is Seira’s turn, she wants the whole party to be able to rely on themselves. Her attempts at cooking and cleaning leave a lot to be desired, and she fails due to a lack of femininity.

fai's leader test run

Fai eats all the food

When it comes to Fai’s turn, she wants the party to be strong. Apparently this is done with food; though it looks a lot more like Fai is just using the test as an excuse to eat as much as she can. Naturally, she fails too.

mei's leader test run

Mei has the party queue up all night for some limited edition Cartado

Finally, we come to Mei’s turn. There are some limited edition Cartado that she wants to get hold off, so she has the party stay up all night and line up in order to get hold of them. Unfortunately, all-nighters are prohibited, so Mei fails as well.

four leaders

All four girls decide to be leaders

After all their tests, Yusha and the others settle on all four girls being leaders. Yusha is the Hero leader, Seira is the beautiful leader, Fai is the wild leader and Mei is the dark leader.
Mao realises that this was always going to happen, and thinks back (or technically forward, but let’s not sweat the details here) to when she first encountered Yusha’s party.

yusha and seira

Seira blushes when Yusha says she loves that Seira is with them

When Yusha’s party first confronted the demon lord, they just marched into the room and did whatever they pleased. In fact, it was Yusha messing up the incantation that led to this current timeline.


These two are drinking buddies, by the way

With things turning out the way they are, Mao is worried that history will just repeat if Yusha’s party confront her as the Demon Lord. In that case, Mao decides to not bother with the Demon Lord stuff anymore, and goes for a drink with one of the other teachers from the Adventurer School.

ENDRO! has such a great sense of humour. Chibi trying her hardest was a brilliant scene, and Yusha just busting into a random person’s home got me laughing out loud. Those two instances are my highlights; there were quite a number of amusing moments scattered throughout this episode.

It’s also been established that Seira may have a thing for Yusha, and that’s fine with me. Honestly, I’d enjoy ENDRO! even if it wasn’t dropping yuri hints, but giving us something just enhances the overall experience for me. I’m quite interested in seeing if we’ll get any more from Yusha and Seira in the future.

We were also introduced to another teacher at the Adventurer School, I believe. She seems to have quite the thing for Mao. We seem to be seeing that kind of thing a lot lately, huh?

ENDRO! continues to be one of the most fun anime of the winter season, and I firmly believe that it will stay that way right up until its final episode. It probably helps that I am a fan of JRPGs, too; the humour here is definitely geared towards that kind of stuff.

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1 Response to ENDRO! Episode 2: Free Spirits

  1. OG-Man says:

    Another dark skinned beauty. OG is pleased.

    For sanity’s sake let’s say Mao is an “older than she looks” lady.

    Learning more about what actually happened during the final battle was amusing.

    Mao concluding she should retire was an amusing twist.

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