Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Episode 2: The Force of the Magical Girl

Asuka finds herself forced back onto the battlefield in episode two of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, despite wanting to leave that life behind. She also happens to reunite with an old ally of hers.

spare key

Iizuka made a spare key for Asuka’s place

After the battle at the end of episode 1, Asuka returns home to find that Iizuka is waiting for her inside. He had a spare key cut, which Asuka isn’t happy about. He tells Asuka what will happen to Kim Kanth, and asks her to join the Spec-Ops. Asuka flat out refuses.

nozomi relieved to see sayako

Nozomi is relieved to see Sayako after the incident

Asuka returns to school, and has a moment where she believes that her perception filter may not have worked on Sayako. Magical Girls are able to hide their true identities from people who do not possess magic due to a perception filter, by the way. Anyways, Nozomi is extremely relieved to see Sayako after the incident she was caught up in.

akinori makino

Nozomi’s father, Akinori Makino

Nozomi’s father works for the police, though as far as she knows he just does boring desk work. Truth is, he has a more hands on approach; currently he is torturing Kim Kanth to get information out of him.



Somewhere, a group of Kim Kanth’s comrades receive a delivery of weapons and are prepared to get revenge for his ‘death’. However, a girl by the name of Abigail has a gift for them from her ‘queen’.

trying their best

Asuka believes that the Magical Girls are doing their best

Back to Asuka’s school, she is eating lunch with Sayako and Nozomi whilst discussing Magical Girls. Sayako wonders what Magical Girls think about, being as strong as they are. Asuka offers her an answer, saying that’s what she reckons Magical Girls are like.


Very bad Magical Girl

Abigail’s ‘Queen’ calls her up to check how things are going. Abigail finds it hard to believe that they are assisting terrorists, but her ‘Queen’ just says that they are very bad Magical Girls.
Shortly after that, Iizuka calls Asuka and informs her of a terrorist attack using Disas biological weapons: the monsters that the Magical Five supposedly wiped out. He also tells her that Kurumi has rushed to the scene.


Kurumi asks Asuka to protect her

Hearing that Kurumi is there, Asuka transforms and immediately rushes to the scene.

magical girl war nurse kurumi

Magical Girl War Nurse Kurumi

Just as Iizuka said, Kurumi is on the scene. She protects a girl and her mother from the attack of a Halloween class Disas, healing the mother’s leg so she can grab her child and run. Oh, and this is a magical girl anime, so of course there is a mascot character.


Artificial Lifeform Fairy, Sacchuu

Kurumi fights the Halloween class Disas, but it ends up overwhelming her. It is much stronger than the ones she fought before, so she ends up on the ground with the creature looming over her.

asuka arrives

Asuka saves Kurumi

Asuka arrives at the scene of the battle, and immediately establishes a sensory link with Sacchuu before making quick work of the Disas monster. Kurumi is very happy to see Asuka once more.

asuka & kurumi

Kurumi asks Asuka to keep her promise from now on

After the dust settles, Asuka and Kurumi head to a nearby park and sit on the swings to have a talk. Kurumi feels that Asuka was a terrible person for making her into a magical girl and then running away. Asuka is about to apologise for that, but Kurumi simply tells her that she just has to keep her promise to protect her from now on.

kurumi mugen

Kurumi transfers into Asuka’s class

The episode ends with a new transfer student arriving in Asuka’s class: of course, it is none other than Kurumi.

This episode of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka adapted chapter 2 of the manga, as well as a small part of chapter 3 (the swings scene) and a tiny part of chapter 4 (Kurumi transferring into Asuka’s class). Some events were shifted around a bit – Abigail talking to the terrorists and then taking that phone call were the same scene in the manga, here they are separated out.
A couple of extra scenes were also added here; the police siren setting off Sayako’s trauma was one, and the other was Abigail having a very brief chat with a police officer.

This was a pretty great episode. I guess the most important thing to come from it was the introduction of Kurumi. We also have Sayako not having completely recovered from being in that terrorist attack; I’d imagine a lot of people would be the same way if they found themselves in her situation.
Despite her best efforts to stay away from it, Asuka is dragged back into battle once again in order to protect Kurumi. She did make a promise to protect her, and it seems that she intends to stick to that this time around.
I also want to take time to say that I think the Disas are great monsters. At first glance, they appear to be nothing more than cuddly mascot type characters, but then they bare their fangs and claws…
Two episodes in, and Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka is living up to my expectations. There has been some good stuff so far, and I know that there is even more to come.


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2 Responses to Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Episode 2: The Force of the Magical Girl

  1. OG-Man says:

    Asuka X Kurumi is the next duo I ship.

    Poor Sayoko’s understandably traumatized. She saw lots of people killed in front of her and almost lost her own life after all.

    I wonder if the Queen and Abigail have “THAT” kind of relationship?

    The killer plushies look creepy in their disguises and as expected the creep factor is tripled when their skin is rotting. Probably their true forms.

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