BanG Dream! 2nd Season Episode 3: Change the World

Episode three of BanG Dream! 2nd Season lets us get to know Rokka Asahi a little more, whilst Poppin’ Party process what Yukina said to them after their show.

poppin' party

Saya offers out sweets to the other Poppin’ Party members

After Yukina told Poppin’ Party that they are nowhere near ready enough to do their own self-sponsored show, the girls have been feeling down. Kasumi understands that it will be hard; harder than she may even realise, but nonetheless she still wants to do it. However, the girls decide to put off that conversation for the time being.

rokka, yukina & lisa

Rokka, Yukina & Lisa

After having been inspired by Poppin’ Party’s performance, Rokka is as keen as ever to form her own band. As she is attempting to do so, Yukina approaches her and asks if she was at their show. However, Yukina isn’t able to say anything else before Lisa comes along. Lisa picks up that what Yukina said to Poppin’ Party is playing on Yukina’s mind as well. Lisa believes that her feelings did get across, though.

kasumi & rokka

Kasumi and Rokka

When Rokka is walking home, she happens to spot Kasumi. She can’t bring herself to approach her, but Kasumi spots her anyway. The two talk, with Kasumi saying that they may not go ahead with their self-sponsored show after all. As a fan of Poppin’ Party, Rokka is willing to wait for however long they need before their next live show.
Kasumi and Rokka make a stop at Rokka’s place, before Kasumi invites Rokka over to Poppin’ Party’s band practice.

poppin' party performs

Poppin’ Party perform “Sparkling Dreaming ~ Sing Girls ~” for Rokka

Over at Arisa’s place, Rokka tells Poppin’ Party about how she discovered them when she went to the final show at Space, and her desire to create a band. Poppin’ Party saved Rokka, and she thanks them for that. Hearing her words, Tae is reminded of one of their songs and the whole band performs it for Rokka. The song is “Sparkling Dream ~ Sing Girls ~”.

rokka's memories

Hearing “Sparkling Dreaming ~ Sing Girls ~” brings back a lot of memories for Rokka

As Rokka sits there listening to Poppin’ Party perform, absolutely enthralled by them, a lot of memories are brought back. From her first guitar, Space’s final show, discovering Poppin’ Party and starting part-time work at Galaxy, they are all very wholesome memories. When the song finishes, Rokka is in tears.

happy poppin' party

Rokka helps Poppin’ Party to renew their resolve for a self-sponsored show

With all those memories flooding back, Rokka is grateful for Poppin’ Party’s song. She wipes away the tears and swears that she will form her own band so someday she can perform alongside Poppin’ Party.
Poppin’ Party also decide that they should sponsor their own show after all. Roselia were incredible, but they don’t need to compete with them. Talking of Roselia…

yukina and chu2

Yukina is approached by a producer named CHU2

A girl named CHU2 (read ‘CHUCHU’, by the way) approaches Yukina and insists on becoming Roselia’s producer. Yukina turns her down; she wants Roselia to make it to the top with their own music. CHU2 is pretty insistent, but Yukina doesn’t give in. Yukina and the rest of Roselia depart, leaving CHU2 feeling pretty upset. She swears that she will destroy Roselia.

This was a pretty heart-warming episode. Poppin’ Party and Rokka were just what each other needed, and because they met they were able to cheer up after hearing what Yukina said to them before.
Though, it was shown here that Yukina may have wanted to say what she said differently from how it come out. What she said to Poppin’ Party was likely supposed to be her showing support for them, but she didn’t quite phrase things correctly. As I said in my previous post, Yukina isn’t all that bad. Sayo, on the other hand… well, let’s just hope this is Sayo after her development from the events in BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!.

Rokka pretty much stole the spotlight for this episode, and I am absolutely fine with that. As long as she gets even more screen time with Asuka in the future, I shall be happy with that. I feel like this is the episode where Rokka has solidified her status as a great addition to BanG Dream!, and I eagerly await to see her fulfil her dream of forming a band.

Next time we shall be a getting a Hello, Happy World! episode. If it retells a certain event from BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, then we shall be seeing one girl confess her love to another. The song in the next episode preview was used in said event, but I don’t know how likely it will be for the anime to retell a story from the game. Regardless of what happens, it will be fun and Hello, Happy World! will move one step closer to making the whole world smile.

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