Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 7

Time to try and reduce some of my backlog of manga to review, and the next one on my list is volume seven of Magical Girl Site. This volume contains chapters forty-four to forty-nine.
Before I begin, I will say that the blurb for this one straight up spoils events from volume six, so consider this a spoiler warning.

magical girl site 7

Front cover of Magical Girl Site Volume 7, featuring Aya Asagiri and Alice Maganuma

Magical girls in mourning
In the wake of Nijimi’s death, the Magical Girls have gone into hiding – but with the idol’s funeral coming up, that’s about to change. Heading out in public is a huge risk, but not only do they want to pay their respects, Aya wants to meet up after the service. She has something to talk about with the other Magical Girls – and they aren’t going to like what she has to say.

See? Just drops that spoiler all casual-like. Anyways, the most notable thing about volume 7 is the introduction of the Magical Girl Alice Maganuma. If you’ve watched the anime adaptation of Magical Girl Site, than you probably won’t be familiar with her.
Alice comes up with a plan to target the Magical Girl Site. She also happens to possess a wand with a very interesting ability, though I won’t spoil what it does here. I will say that it is quite useful for disrupting enemy plans.

On the not so good side of things, there’s that male character from Aya’s class who makes another appearance. He remains entirely irrelevant: the anime adapting him out was a good choice.
Aya’s brother also puts in an appearance, and he is suffering. The end of the anime showed what happened to him; it’s even worse in the manga.

Looking at the positive stuff, Aya has grown as a character. She may not be the one to come up with the plan to go after the Magical Girl Site in the manga, but she is still willing to step up and put it all on the line. Of course, none of the other Magical Girls intend to let her do that alone.
We also have a confrontation with a Magical Girl Site admin, which ends with a shocking revelation.

Volume 7 is where the manga and anime diverge, though they still follow fairly similar plots just with different sets of characters. Alice is a certainly an interesting addition to the cast, particularly with the power her wand has. The battles between Magical Girls also give way to focus on the Magical Girls fighting the Magical Girl Site, and the Tempest continues to draw ever closer.
It has some very rough patches, but volume 7 manages to be pretty decent. It keeps the story flowing, and unites most of the Magical Girls introduced so far for a common cause.

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