Thoughts on Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Volume 4

At the time of writing, the anime adaptation of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka is only a few days away from debuting. I figured it would be apt to finally get around to sharing my thoughts on the fourth volume of the manga, which I actually read quite a while ago.
Volume four contains chapters thirteen through to seventeen.

magical girl spec-ops asuka volume 4

Front cover of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Volume 4, featuring Tamara Volkova

A top-secret summit between the nations of Earth and their otherworldly counterparts draws near – and it’s Asuka and her fellow magical girls that will need to keep it safe. A shadowy organisation moves behind the scenes, plotting slaughter and catastrophe. The sinister Giess has trained a murderous magical girl of his own, and with a small army of monsters on his side, it’ll take everything Asuka and the special forces have to hold him off. The time has come for Asuka and her old comrades to join forces once again in deadly combat!

With this volume of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, I feel that everything kind of steps up. It gets darker, there’s more fanservice and there’s more violence than before. It actually starts off fairly light-hearted with a trip to a beach.
Then you happen to see why Kurumi is absent. She may be known as the war nurse, but she isn’t particularly kind towards her enemies. This volume also covers how Kurumi first met Asuka.

On the antagonists’ side, a girl is introduced who only has one leg. Another character who had a very hard life growing up, but things take a turn for her when she becomes a magical girl. The person who takes her in also suffered a lot in the past, and as I already mentioned these are dark backstories that involve rape and murder. Nothing is explicitly shown, but it is definitely heavy stuff.

Going back to the protagonists, and with a more light-hearted tone, Fairy General Tabira. She absolutely loves magical girls, to the point that she is overly affectionate with them. Of course, all these important characters coming out of the woodwork leads up to a conflict. It’s a conflict that innocent civilians get caught up in, yet the manga ends just as one of the magical girls arrives at the scene.

There is a bonus chapter which involves Asuka trying different types of military food. Something a little light-hearted to end on after everything else that happens in this volume.

As already stated, there is more fanservice to be found in this volume. The trip to the beach means Asuka wears a bikini, and later on she and Kurumi share a bed wearing only lingerie. Fairy General Tabira’s outfit is very lacking, and Tamara even finds some time to strip down to her underwear at one point.

Volume 4 of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka ramps up everything that came before, and that certainly gives it quite an impact. There is some heavy stuff present, so those who are faint of heart might want to steer clear.

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