Aikatsu Friends! Episode 38: Song Battle

Hugtto! PreCure may be taking a break until the new year, but Aikatsu Friends! is here for us with an episode that sees the main cast splitting up into teams of red and white and competing with each other by singing. Also, Coco has disappeared somewhere.

Love Me Tear

Karen and Mirai host the Aikatsu Song Battle

In essence, this episode is pretty much just a clip show – its just that the clips happen to be each main character’s solo song. I won’t worry too much about the performance, but focus on something that happens behind the scenes.

Kaguya, Aine and Maika

The girls are unable to contact Coco

Everyone is looking forward to performing, yet when Aine tries to ask Coco something, the Aikatsu navigator is nowhere to be found – you know, despite effectively being an AI. The show continues as normal, though Aine shares her worry about the absent Coco with the other girls.

Detective Ema

Detective Ema is on the case

Ema smells a case, and decides to try and solve it. The disappearance of someone at a flashy show seems like an incident to her, so she starts investigating.

Ghost Cheerleaders

The red team has a ghost cheerleader theme

The show must go on, and there is a cheer battle. Both red and white teams are given a theme, and for the reds it is ghost cheerleaders.

Penguin Cheer Squad

The white team’s theme is penguin cheer squad

Mio’s love for penguins influences the white team’s theme for the cheer battle. The show continues on after that, with Aine and the others still searching for Coco.

Reflect Moon

Reflect Moon take over hosting duties when Karen and Mirai have to perform

Mirai and Karen are the last two performers, and then it is time for the audience to select their winner. They choose with their glowsticks; set them to either red or white to show who they think should win. It is neither red nor white that lights up the crowd; it is pink.


The Aikatsu Song Battle ends in a draw

The end result of the song battle is a draw, with Karen and Mirai shaking hands once the result has been revealed. There is one final surprise, too.


Coco sings “Let’s Aikatsu Together”

Coco’s absences before now had been because she was preparing to perform at the end of the Aikatsu Song Battle. This comes as a surprise to everyone, besides Love Me Tear who arranged for it.

The episode ends with the announcement that the Diamond Friends Cup will begin in 2019.

As I already mentioned, this episode was effectively a glorified clip show. Unfortunately, we didn’t get whole songs, but considering how much time that would have eaten up it makes sense. I’m a little disappointed that Coco didn’t get a full song either, after all the build up.
Pretty much just an episode to fill the gap between Christmas and the new year. The Diamond Friends Cup starts with the next episode, so things should pick up again then.

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