Rory’s Reviews: Bloom Into You

Bloom Into YouBloom Into You is a thirteen episode animated adaptation of the yuri manga written and illustrated by Nio Nakatani. The studio that produced the anime was Troyca, the director was Makoto Kato and the writer was Jukki Hanada.
Bloom Into You aired during the autumn 2018 season of anime, and is available to watch on HIDIVE.
Yuu KoitoYuu Koito has always dreamed of having a romance like something straight out of a shoujo manga, yet she feels nothing when a boy confesses to her. Not long after entering high school, Yuu meets Touko Nanami; a beautiful girl who soon confesses her feelings for Yuu.Nanami ToukoBloom Into You focuses on the feelings of those two characters: Yuu and Touko. Despite being confessed to, Yuu claims that she is incapable of falling in love. Touko claims that she has never fallen in love before, at least until she met Yuu.
In addition to that, Touko’s identity is an important theme throughout Bloom Into You. Everything she achieves at first isn’t necessarily for herself, but rather to follow in the footsteps of a certain someone who came before her.
Whilst Yuu may claim that she has no intention of falling in love, she does agree to help Touko out, whilst hoping to make her realise that she can just be herself.Sayaka SaekiYuu and Touko growing closer doesn’t go unnoticed by one of Touko’s oldest friends, Sayaka Saeki. Sayaka is willing to support Touko in all she does, and there is a specific reason for that. She wants to be by Touko’s side, even if it means that never revealing her true feelings.

MakiThat covers the three central characters, but there is one more that is worth mentioning. He is Seiji Maki, and can be seen as something of an audience surrogate character. He is content to just sit back and watch romances unfolding in front of him rather than actively being involved. Whereas it will vary from person to person about being involved with a romance, his interest in watching Yuu and Touko’s relationship is somewhat relatable.Touko's LoveBeing a yuri anime, naturally Touko desires to express her love to Yuu. These scenes in particularly are fairly well-handled, making use of lighting and a subdued soundtrack to really show the intimacy between the two girls.
At times it seems like Touko may be a little pushy when it comes to that stuff, but she does respect Yuu’s boundaries.YuuAs an adaptation of a manga, Bloom Into You is incredibly faithful to its source material. Whilst some scenes are swapped around, everything is lifted straight from Nio Nakatani’s work and presented in quite a beautiful way. Even the final episode is mostly a direct adaptation of chapters from the manga. There are a couple of added scenes, but they just serve to expand upon what was already present in the manga.
The anime does take advantage of the medium to present the story in ways that the manga never could, what with its use of colour and music.

No doubt about it; Bloom Into You is a yuri classic. It has a whole cast of compelling characters (not just the few highlighted here, either), and is presented in a visually stunning manner.

Score: 10/10
A masterfully faithful adaptation of Nio Nakatani’s yuri manga, Bloom Into You is quite simply a beautiful experience.

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1 Response to Rory’s Reviews: Bloom Into You

  1. OG-Man says:

    Didn’t expect to love this show as much as I ended up doing. One of the best yuri anime I’ve ever seen.

    It took its time but used it wisely I’d say, creating a great balance between kuro and shiro yuri.

    The main trio were likable and had interesting dilemmas. Couldn’t pick a favorite even though I’m sure most will go with Sayaka. Poor cursed soul.

    Everyone had a role no matter how small and I dug it.

    Miyako and Miss Riko were the show stealers without a doubt. I do so love adult yuri couples. Hopefully the day an anime starring an adult couple is looming closer.

    The conclusion was nice. Hopefully we’ll get to see the play and the trio’s stories get animated one day.

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