Rory’s Reviews: Anima Yell!

Anima Yell!Anima Yell! is a twelve episode animated adaptation of the manga series by Tsukasa Unohana. The studio that produced the anime was Doga Kobo, the director was Masako Sato and it was written by Fumihiko Shimo.
Anima Yell! aired during the autumn 2018 season of anime, and is available to watch on Crunchyroll.
Anima Yell!Anima Yell! is simply about a group of girls forming a Cheer Club. Being a girls’ club anime, it falls into all the usual tropes of said genre. You have the one eager girl who is the catalyst for forming the club – in this case lead character Kohane Hatoya. There’s also the experienced character who is reluctant to go back; this role is filled by Hizume Arima.
You also have a character that joins later on, poor grades resulting in studying taking priority over everything else and the hunt for an area where the club can practice. Oh, can’t forget the beach episode, either. These are all familiar things for any girls’ club anime, but familiarity does not necessarily equal bad.AYWhat Anima Yell! does have that it can call its own are its cheerleading routines. Admittedly the characters don’t do anything advanced, but this is justified as most of the Cheer Club are newcomers. Still, the routines have an energy to them, and the bright smiles on the girls faces whilst they perform make for a rather joyful experience. A few of the songs they use along with their routines may prove to be somewhat familiar, too.
The routines are a big part of cheerleading, naturally, but Anima Yell! also delves into some of the behind the scenes stuff – making a pompom being an example there. Choreography and outfits are also important things to be considered.

Once the Cheer Club (technically Association at first) has been created, they ask for requests. These requests are what lead them to doing most of their cheerleading routines. One of their most notable requests comes from a girl named Kon Akitsune, who wants to confess her crush. It’s just a shame that her crush is never introduced.

On the subject of yuri, there is most certainly some amongst the five main characters. Uki Sawatari is obviously infatuated with Kohane, even if she doesn’t say it out loud. Then there is the fifth character to join the Cheer Club, who is a bit more obvious about her attraction to Hizume.

Anima Yell! has a great sense of humour to it, as well. Comedy is another key part of almost any girls’ club anime, and the stuff on offer here is genuinely laugh out loud funny.

One of the key themes throughout Anima Yell! is about having fun whilst cheerleading. This really comes through, and in turn, makes the anime fun to watch as well. It just wouldn’t be the same if the girls were extremely serious about perfecting the art of cheerleading – funnily enough, this ties in with Hizume’s reason for leaving her former cheer squad.

Score: 9/10
It falls into all the familiar girls’ club tropes, but all whilst just being pure fun. Kohane and the others are all about having fun whilst doing cheer, and in turn this makes the viewing experience a joy.

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1 Response to Rory’s Reviews: Anima Yell!

  1. OG-Man says:

    One of the best Girls Club shows of 2018, a year that was chock full of great ones.

    All five leads are Best Girl worthy. Mine is Arima for her adorable droopiness.

    Hopefully Uki and Kana will make their dreams come true like Kon-chan did.

    We need a 2nd season so they can introduce Kon-chan’s girlfriend.

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