The final battle looms upon the shinobi in SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER, but we can put that to the back of our minds as the tenth episode has them relaxing at an inn. Got to be prepared, after all.

This post will contain NSFW images

Fubuki & Yumi

Fubuki is staying at the same inn as the Gessen girls

Yumi and her entourage arrive at the inn they will be staying at to prepare for the final battle, and happen to discover that Fubuki is staying there as well. They hold back on fighting for now; Yumi wants to talk to Fubuki after her little revelation about being half-youma.


Homura plays a round of strip ping-pong against Miyabi

It’s not just Fubuki and the Gessen shinobi who are staying at the inn. Everyone else is there too, and Homura and Miyabi have taken the time to play a round of ping-pong with each other. The girls all pretty much want to enjoy themselves before their inevitable fight.


Asuka is still suffering from having used the Fuma Korin technique

The Hanzo shinobi are staying there as well. Asuka is still feeling the after effects of the Fuma Korin technique, but she keeps quiet about the pain she is going through. When it strikes, she makes an excuse and hurries out of the room.

Entering the bath

Yumi and Fubuki end up going to use the pot bath at the same time

The Gessen shinobi decide that is bath time, and they have two options: the open-air bath, or a pot bath. The girls decide to let Yumi use the pot bath, and they head off for the open-air bath. When Yumi goes, she bumps into Fubuki. The two end up getting into the bath together – something that have done before in the distant past.

Like sisters

Fubuki felt like Yumi was a sister to her when Kurokage took her in

Fubuki talks a little of her past, and how her mother was said to be the most powerful youma. When she couldn’t be defeated, the shinobi sealed her away with Fuma Korin which meant that Fubuki could never see her mother again. As far as Fubuki is concerned, shinobi and youma must fight.

Asuka & Yumi

Asuka tells Yumi why she acted alone

Yumi and Fubuki go their separate ways for now, and Asuka finds Yumi. Yumi tells Asuka what Fubuki said to her, and now understands why Asuka did what she did before. Asuka acted alone because she didn’t want to get her friends involved – but now everything is out in the open, she doesn’t need to hide anything.
Homura and Miyabi are informed of the situation, and Asuka’s fellow shinobi are willing to help her out however they can – even if it means becoming renegades. Whilst that is all going on, a battle is taking place.

Kagura vs Fubuki

Kagura vs Fubuki

Kagura and Fubuki are fighting, with both Naraku and Rasetsu promising not to interfere. They are about evenly matched, but the tide of the battle changes when Yumi arrives. Kagura ends up losing, as she believes that Yumi is the only one capable of stopping Fubuki.
The episode ends with the door to the other world starting to open.

Not that it is a surprise, but Yumi is pretty much our main character by this point. Asuka feels like nothing more than a somewhat important side character at this point, which doesn’t exactly please me.
For me, Asuka is the face of Senran Kagura, but that’t not exactly the case in Japan – it is Yumi who is wildly popular over there. It is what it is, I guess.

This episode served to explore Fubuki’s past a little more, and I guess you could argue for a Yumi and Fubuki ship. Yumi did seem to be particularly interested in Fubuki’s body when she was getting undressed, after all.
Kagura fighting Fubuki was actually pretty good, though I’m not a fan of the way it ended – I’m going to blame Yumi for that one. Other than that, I felt like there wasn’t a whole lot going on in this episode.
Maybe things will pick up as we head into the finale.

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