Rory’s Reviews: The Girl in Twilight

The Girl in TwilightThe Girl in Twilight is a Japanese multimedia franchise that consists of an anime series and a free-to-play mobile game. The focus here will be on the twelve-episode anime series, which aired during the autumn season of anime in 2018.
The directors for the anime are Jin Tamamura and Yuichi Abe, whilst the screenplay was written by Shogo Yasukawa based on a concept by Kotaro Uchikoshi. Dandelion Animation Studio and Jumonji were the studios that animated the series.
The Girl in Twilight can be watched on HIDIVE.The Girl in Twilight focuses on the five members of the Radio Research Society, who regularly perform a ritual. Whilst it usually doesn’t cause much to happen, one ritual they perform ends up opening a door to a parallel world.
Travelling to various parallel worlds makes up the majority of the plot, with each of the five members of Radio Research Society taking it in turns to have the spotlight shone upon them.
Travelling to parallel worlds also means meeting their parallel selves, including a parallel version of main character Asuka Tsuchimiya – one that she dubs ‘Seriouska’.The Girl in TwilightThe first episode of the show serves as an introduction to its characters, and then the second one onwards follows a formula. Each parallel world has two episodes devoted to it, with one of the members of the Radio Research Society playing a key role for those episodes.
This gives opportunities for the characters to develop, though there are a couple of exceptions to this formula – the payoff for those exceptions comes later on in the season.
There are a few fight scenes scattered throughout The Girl in Twilight, and they are all immensely satisfying to watch. There is a caveat, though: they are done in CG. 2D animation purists won’t get much from them, but that’s their loss.
In a way, the fight scenes heavily invoke Symphogear, and that can only be a good thing.TGiTWith a fairly large cast of central characters, The Girl in Twilight actually manages to do a fairly decent job of balancing everyone out. Even more so when the parallel world versions of characters start showing up. There is potential for things to get hard to keep track of, but this show manages to avoid that. You’ll probably not get Asuka confused with Seriouska, for example.

One of The Girl in Twilight‘s biggest problems is that the first character arc it introduces is also its weakest. Those who aren’t very patient will most likely find their patience wearing thin with this show before the second episode is even over, as that particular character’s arc isn’t exactly the most compelling one the show has to offer.
With that particular arc being the first one, it seems like The Girl in Twilight is attempting to get through its worst stuff as soon as possible.
Fortunately, things get a lot better after that first character arc. Improvements start showing as soon as episode three, and patience is rewarded.

Score: 8/10
As long as you can be patient with The Girl in Twilight‘s earlier episodes, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here. A very welcome surprise from the 2018 autumn season of anime.

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2 Responses to Rory’s Reviews: The Girl in Twilight

  1. Karandi says:

    I’m going to try to binge this now that it is done. I couldn’t watch it week to week anymore because I was just finding it too frustrating, but I am curious as to how it wraps things up.

  2. OG-Man says:

    I’ll keep this brief. As far as anime covering multiverse/parallel worlds storylines go this was one of the best. Nana’s character arc and world were the weakest but as you said the writers were like “Let’s get rid of the less interesting one right away”.

    Best girl for me was Mia. Adorable, tall and most fun character arc and world.

    Of course Sexy Yu was the game changer and the surprise confession and conclusion were very much welcome. The last episode was delightfully trippy. A 2nd season would be cool to fill in the remaining blanks. I hope the mobile game flopping won’t hinder a potential 2nd season…though it’s not wise to get my hopes up.

    Definitely the hidden gem of Fall 2018.

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