Release the Spyce Episode 11: Little By Little

Things were looking pretty grim for Tsukikage at the end of the previous episode. Let’s see what episode eleven has in store for the girls.

Broken Momo

Broken Momo

After Tsukikage was seemingly annihilated previously, Momo, Goe and Fu are taken prisoner by Mouryou. All three are in varying states of shock given what happened. Mei comes clean about leaking information to Mouryou, and claims that she gets on well with Tendo.

Mei kisses Fu

Mei says bye to Fu

After that, Mei and Tendo leave. Another member of Mouryou remains behind in order to torture Momo and Goe. Fortunately for the three remaining Tsukikage members, the equipment happens to be old and in disrepair.


Tsukikage break free

Momo recalls Yuki’s words to her, and she regains her resolve. She gets Goe’s attention, subtly indicating that she can break free – which she does. They make short work of the Mouryou member, and escape.


The apprentices leave grieving for later; Mouryou must be stopped first

Momo, Goe and Fu head back to their base, and take the second entrance that Hatsume was using before. They are able to reunite with their animal companions, though there is no sign of Katrina or Byakko for now. Also, the room with all their gadgets and weaponry is still intact, so they gear up in preparation for fighting Mouryou. There’s also the small matter of ensuring that there families are kept safe.
With everything in place, they depart – but have one more surprise waiting for them.


Yuki is injured, but still alive

Yuki actually survived being cut down, with a little help from one of Hatsume’s gadgets that was introduced back towards the beginning of the season. She couldn’t avoid getting injured, so she can only serve as a support role for the mission to stop Mouryou.
Needless to say, Momo is thrilled to see her mentor alive again. Momo is also impressed with how well the apprentices are doing.
With all their preparations complete, Tsukikage begin their attack on Mouryou.

Theresia vs Goe

Goe fights Theresia

Tsukikage make their way into Mouryou’s evacuation shelter, where they have a few enemies to deal with. First to show up is Theresia, who Goe stays behind to fight. Much like Hatsume, Goe simply wants to be friends with Theresia. Theresia has been having doubts, and Goe’s words leave her wondering if she could switch sides. Unfortunately, Tendo has other ideas…

Fu vs Mei

Mentor vs. apprentice

Mei is another obstacle that Tsukikage needs to overcome, and naturally Fu is the one who chooses to take her on. Mei extends an invitation for Fu to join Mouryou, but Fu flat out refuses. She does not want to sell her soul, and intends to stop Mei.
However, Mei makes an explosive retreat.
The evacuation centre was actually a distraction – the location that Mouryou intends to carry out their plan from is a factory some distance away. Yuki calls everyone back when she realises that, and they prepare to go to the new destination.

Mentor's bike

Momo borrows Yuki’s bike

Tsukikage make their way to the location, where Tendo is waiting for them. This is where this episode ends.

Well, first of all, Yuki is alive! Yes! Would it have had more of an impact if she didn’t survive? Yeah, probably. Do I care? Not really – Yuki is my favourite character in Release the Spyce, so I’m totally satisfied with this.
This whole episode was good, and not just because of Yuki. The apprentices took matters into their own hands, and demonstrated the skills that they have acquired under the tutelage of their mentors. I like seeing how far they have come since the beginning of the season – particularly Momo.

Poor Theresia, though. Whether she’ll be back again or not remains to be seen. Talking of characters coming back, I still believe that Hatsume, Katrina and Byakko are all still alive as well. As far as Mouryou knows, they are currently dead – that’s kind of an ideal state to infiltrate said organisation…
Or perhaps they’ve retreated to somewhere safe. There are plenty of possibilities concerning those three.

With only one more episode to go, there are a couple of things I would like to see. First and foremost, a fight between Momo and Tendo where Momo does what both Nagaho and Yuki could not.
The confirmed survival of Hatsume, Katrina, Byakko and Theresia would also be nice. Not exactly holding out much hope on Theresia with her being in the middle of enemy territory with a slashed wrist, but someone saving her probably isn’t out of the question.

Whether those things happen or not remains to be seen.

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1 Response to Release the Spyce Episode 11: Little By Little

  1. OG-Man says:

    Glad Master Yuki came back but wasn’t 100%. Main reason was because I’m tired of storylines where apprentices surpass masters by either seeing them sacrifice themselves or are forced to fight them. Like you said. Just have Momo beat Tendo. Done.

    I imagine Hatsume will rescue Theresia. Also Katarina and Byakko will make a surprise appearance during the final battle. Most definitely.

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