Bloom Into You Episode 11: Training Camp

The student council prepare for their upcoming play in the eleventh episode of Bloom Into You with a study camp. This means that Yuu, Touko and Sayaka will all be sleeping in the same room together.


Koyomi is not satisfied with how the play ends

The practice camp begins, with Koyomi choosing to travel over rather than staying the night with everyone else. The student council has a read through of the script, but Koyomi feels that the ending is not quite right. She can’t quite put her finger on why, though.

No hesitation

Yuu shows no hesitation in getting undressed in front of Touko and Sayaka

Time gets on, and Koyomi departs for the night. After that, it is time for the girls to use the bath – something Sayaka is rather worried about. Ultimately, she can’t bring herself to leave Yuu and Touko alone together.


Bath time

Yuu boldly leads the charge into the baths, with Touko and Sayaka following afterwards. Of course, Touko struggles to focus on much else besides Yuu, what with her sitting there naked right next to her. She does manage to hold herself back, though.

Super Rare Picture

Yuu captures a super rare picture

After their bath, the girls go to bed. Of course, there is some messing around beforehand – Sayaka is wearing her glasses, so Touko gets a photo of that. When Sayaka tries to grab Touko’s phone, Yuu gets a photo of that as well – and then Riko shows up to tell them to get to bed.

Three of Us

Yuu, Touko and Sayaka are all thankful that the three of them are there

After settling down for the night, each of the girls thinks about how difficult it would be for them to hold back if all three weren’t present. Whilst they may have differing thoughts towards each other, there is one thing that unites them: they are all thankful that the three of them are there.

Vocal Exercises

Riko’s friend, Tomoyuki Ichigaya, helps with practice

Practice starts the following day, and Riko has invited a friend along to help out. He is Tomoyuki Ichigaya – the person she was on the phone to previously. Touko soon realises that he was a classmate of Mio’s.
Ichigaya puts the student council through their paces, starting them from the basics to prepare for the play.

Not similar to Mio at all

Touko is not like Mio at all

After all the practice is done, Touko has an opportunity to speak with Ichigaya. She asks him about Mio, and the picture her paints of Touko’s sister is very different from her own image. He even tells Touko that she isn’t like Mio at all.


Sayaka tells Touko she knows about Mio, and Touko is fine with that

Riko brought along some fireworks to use during the camp – credit goes to Miyako for that. Yuu and the boys get fired up about lighting them, so they do that. Meanwhile, Touko and Sayaka sit aside and go with the more subdued ones whilst they talk. Sayaka reveals that she knows about Touko’s sister, but Touko has no problem with that. And this is where this episode ends.

This episode of Bloom Into You adapted chapters 20 and 21 of the manga, and without any major changes. Even this close to the end, the anime is remaining extremely faithful to the source material. Whether that continues to be the case for the next episodes remains to be seen, though.
This was a good episode. I particularly liked that we got the thoughts of Yuu, Touko and Sayaka when they were sleeping in the same room. Things could have gone really differently had one of the three girls not been there.

Touko also learned that she is nothing like Mio – or rather, nothing like the Mio she thought she knew. It brings up the idea of only knowing certain sides of people, and never really knowing them one hundred percent.

Suppose I should also mention the bath scene. I feel like a lot of people will quite like that, and I’ll count myself among their number. Yuu stretching may have been a spur of the moment thing for her, but I doubt that Touko will be forgetting it anytime soon. Oh, and Sayaka wasn’t wearing her contact lenses, so she couldn’t really see anything anyway – that’s a small detail from the manga. It also explains why she was wearing her glasses afterwards.

Yep, Bloom Into You is still excellent.

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1 Response to Bloom Into You Episode 11: Training Camp

  1. OG-Man says:

    Poor Touko’s years of planning seemed to have gone down in smoke but I think she’s still on the right path in a strange way. Both sisters hid their true selves from most people. Also I this character arc reminded me of a certain half-robot.

    The bath scene was GLORIOUS!

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