SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER Episode 9: “Frantic” Status

Oh, hey, I almost forgot about SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER this week. That would be because of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but I’ve managed to find some time out from playing it to squeeze this blog post in. After nine episodes, you probably know the drill by know:

This post will contain NSFW images

All right, let’s dive in.


Homura prefers fighting in her underwear

With a horde of youma attacking, Kagura sets up a shinobi barrier so the shinobi can fight their foes without getting civilians involved. There is a catch, though – the shinobi inside the barrier are given frantic status, which means they are stripped down to their underwear. Except for Ikaruga, who ends up naked for some reason – not that Katsuragi is complaining.

Gekkou & Senkou

Gekkou and Senkou confront Fubuki

Whilst the shinobi are fighting the youma, Gekkou and Senkou find Fubuki and Rasetsu. They end up fighting against Fubuki.

Imu & Yagyu

Imu & Yagyu quite enjoy the sight of Miyabi and Hibari respectively fighting in their underwear

The shinobi continue to eliminate youma, with some of them getting a little distracted by others. They seem to be doing fairly well, but the defeated youma turn into a fog which merges into one single being.

Giant Youma

The giant youma

A colossal youma towers over the shinobi. Fortunately, Ryona’s masochistic streak comes in rather useful, and she works together with the other shinobi to tie it up, bondage style.


Asuka drops in from out of nowhere

Just as Homura, Yumi and Miyabi are about to finish off the youma, Asuka drops in and tells them all to stop. They do, and Asuka uses the Fuma Korin technique to seal the youma. It is successful, but it takes a toll on Asuka.
Let’s check in on Gekkou and Senkou.


They’re not doing so well

Fubuki had no problem defeating Gekkou and Senkou. It seems that Asuka’s Fuma Korin caught her attention, but she decides to just leave it be for now.

Homura's Crimson Squad

Ryona’s plan to help Homura’s Crimson Squad get more attention

Moving on, Homura’s Crimson Squad are back at their part time job. The Hebijo girls happen to pass by. Homura and Miyabi have a chat about Asuka, and the technique she used. However, Homura is completely in the dark about what Asuka is thinking.

Fubuki, Asuka & Yumi

Fubuki decides to reveal to Yumi what she told Asuka before

Yumi spends some time with Asuka, trying to get more information out of her about what is going on. Asuka isn’t exactly forthcoming, so Yumi threatens to stop being her friend. Asuka decides she will share, but Fubuki shows up and tells Yumi in Asuka’s place.
Simply put, Fubuki is half-human and half-youma.

That’s about where this episode ends, and it was a fairly all right episode. It served its purpose and moved the story along, though it’s not one that really sticks in my mind. Perhaps it was because I left this post a day later than usual, but I didn’t exactly recall what happened before going through the episode a second time for this post.

We got some typically Senran Kagura stuff, and Asuka is still acting rather odd. An all right episode.


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