Aikatsu Friends! Episode 35: Discovery of the Century

The thirty-fifth episode of Aikatsu Friends! is one that focuses on Reflect Moon, and has them digging out a little bit of their past.

Song Survivor

Reflect Moon, Pure Palette and Honey Cat appear together on Song Survival

We start with Pure Palette, Honey Cat and Reflect Moon appearing together on a live show called Song Survival. The host asks them about their special talents, which results in Kaguya performing a divination. She just makes it up on the spot, though.


Kaguya shortly after her divination

She claims that the discovery of the century is looming upon them, but that just comes from a poster she happened to spot. Following that, the audience votes for the most popular idol – which Sakuya wins by quite simply sleeping. As the winner, Sakuya performs.

Shirayuri twins

Kaguya has to film a tour of her house

Kaguya places last in the poll, and as such has to film a tour of her home. She accepts, and apparently Pure Palette and Honey Cat get involved as well. The conversation soon turns to Coco, who apparently hasn’t been responding to calls lately.


Coco doesn’t want to be called for no reason

When they do call Coco, they find her singing away – and she seems rather surprised to be caught in the act. Coco hangs up on them, which has left the idols feeling a little worried about her. Ema has a suggestion, though.


Ema suggests that Aine takes over for Coco

Ema’s suggestion is actually a joke, but it seems that Mio approves of it. Moving on, Kaguya and Sakuya ask Aine to fetch a photo album so they can do some reminiscing – and Aine discovers a map.

Pinky promise

The young Shirayuri twins make a pinky promise

As it turns out, the map leads to a time capsule that Sakuya and Kaguya buried when they were younger. They’ve forgotten what was inside it, but they do remember that they want to keep the contents a secret.
Naturally, everyone else wants to dig it up. As they follow the map, Reflect Moon try to distract the others, but that doesn’t really work out.

Mio & Aine

I don’t know what it is, but Aine looks really cute in this shot

They arrive at the general area where the time capsule is buried, but Reflect Moon claim that they have forgotten the specific area where it is buried. The others decide that they’ll just need to dig from one end to the other to find it.
Steeling their hearts, Sakuya and Kaguya decide to tell the others the specific location and face the contents of the capsule head on. So, what was it that Sakuya and Kaguya buried?

Alien Impressions

A picture of Sakuya and Kaguya doing alien impressions

So the secret that Sakuya and Kaguya wanted to keep buried was a photo of them doing alien impressions. Aine and the others agree to keep it a secret, and they bury it again. Actually, whilst searching for the time capsule, the girls happened to dig up something else as well.

Discovery of the Century

Six idols made the discovery of the century

The girls managed to dig up some ancient treasure as well, making Kaguya’s divination of the discovery of the century come to pass. This earns her first place in Song Survival’s next poll, meaning she gets to perform. The episode ends with Reflect Moon inviting the others to their home for tea.

This was a fun episode, which I enjoyed a lot. Reflect Moon episodes in Aikatsu Friends! have pretty much always been good, and this one is no exception. I am curious about Coco, though – maybe she will get an episode to herself in the near future. I hope so.

It was nice to see Pure Palette, Honey Cat and Reflect Moon all together. I’m repeating myself here, but it was just a fun time. A perfect palate cleanser after the most recent episode of Hugtto! PreCure (though The Girl in Twilight helped somewhat as well). Presumably we’ll be getting a few more episodes like this one before the Diamond Friends Cup, and that is perfectly fine with me.

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