Hugtto! PreCure Episode 43: Skate for Yourself

The forty-third episode of Hugtto! PreCure is a HomaHarry one, so I’m just going to try to breeze through it as quickly as possible.

Hana, Hugtan, Pupple, Emiru & Ruru

Pupple guesses that Homare must be in love

Homare has her important ice skating competition coming up, but there is something on her mind that is preventing her from concentrating on it. Of course, the thing on her mind is Harry – she is in love with him, after all.

Homare & Saaya

Saaya has a chat with Homare

With Homare’s feelings being a major distraction for her, Saaya decides that it is time that she had a talk with her. Then Harry shows up, and Saaya takes off.

George appears

George Kurai appears

Whilst Hana is contemplating how to cheer on love, she gets an unexpected visit from George Kurai. He stops her from transforming by grabbing her arm, and mentions how miracles appear wherever she goes. It seems that George’s visit was merely to shake Hana’s resolve once more.


Here’s a shot of Ruru in pyjamas, just because

Homare & her Mum

Homare talks with her Mum

The competition draws nearer, and Homare has a couple more chats with people – more specifically, Henri, and her own mother. They pretty much tell her that they want to see Homare giving her best and will be supporting her.


Hana gives Homare a much-needed hug

Just before Homare has to perform her routine, the others set up an opportunity for her to talk with Harry. Homare confesses her feelings to him, and it goes about how she expected. Still, that proves to be a weight off her shoulders, though she does run into Hana’s arms and have a good cry about it.

Ice Skating

Homare pulls off her routine flawlessly

With all said and done, Homare goes out on the ice, nailing her routine. Of course, that is thanks to the support of everyone watching her. And just as her routine ends, the place shakes.

Monster of the Week

Bishin’s Wild Oshimaidaa

This time it is Bishin who is leading the attack. Bishin tries to tell Etoile that things wouldn’t work with Harry, but of course Etoile knows this now. This is followed up by PreCure doing their usual thing.


Homare claims victory

This episode wraps up with Homare hugging her friends in celebration of receiving the gold medal.

Well, I never really cared for the HomaHarry stuff before, and this episode did nothing to change my mind about it. I am glad that that particular thread has been wrapped up, though – it means the last few episodes can focus on far more interesting things.
This episode did provide a few decent moments, though – Ruru in pyjamas was very nice. We also had Hana’s encounter with George – I’m quite keen to see how that will tie in with the inevitable Hana episode we’ll get before the finale.

Not really much else to say about this episode – it wrapped up something that I didn’t really care for. Going from the preview alone, I can already tell that I will like next week’s episode. It is one that focuses on Saaya, but more importantly, Ruru’s outfit – ah, let’s save that for next week.

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2 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 43: Skate for Yourself

  1. OG-Man says:

    Glad that’s over with. Het ships/romantic subplots in PreCure almost always suck.

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