Release the Spyce Episode 10: Cut Down the Enemy

In the tenth episode of Release the Spyce, the mentors spend some quality time with their apprentices. They have an important mission coming up, after all.

Momo, Byakko & Katrina

Byakko decides to lend her support to Tsukikage

Tsukikage’s mission to eradicate Moryo draws ever closer, so the girls take some time to enjoy themselves beforehand. Momo has some curry at Katrina’s place, and is joined by Byakko. Byakko is willing to help Momo and the others.
Momo also talks a little to Katrina, finding a bit out about where she came from. There is also talk of the future, and Momo finding an apprentice of her own.Hatsume & GoeMei & FuMomo & YukiWe then see how each of the three mentor & apprentice pairs are spending their time in the few days before the mission. There’s some nice moments between each pair. The day of the mission arrives.

Tendo captured

Tsukikage captures Tendo

Tsukikage are able to capture Tendo, who feigns ignorance at first. However, Momo is able to tell she is lying after licking her. Tendo stops playing dumb after that, and things start to go really badly for Tsukikage.


Theresia prepares to fight Hatsume

Katrina and Byakko presumably get blown up, and then Tsukikage are forced to drive right into a trap. They find Theresia waiting for them, as well as a bunch of puppets. Hatsume fights Theresia, whilst Momo and Yuki focus on the puppets. Mei stays with Tendo – and allowing that to happen turns out to be a poor decision.

Traitor revealed

Mei reveals herself to be the traitor

Finally, we get to learn who the traitor in Tsukikage is: none other than Mei. Mei sold all of Tsukikage’s information when she could get the most profit for it. She knocks both Goe and Fu unconscious, and tags in for Theresia to fight Hatsume. That seemingly results in Mei killing Hatsume.


This feels a lot like an Obi-Wan moment

Momo takes out all the puppets, but Tendo is able to get the better of her. History seemingly repeats itself, with Momo being unable to do anything as Yuki is cut down – though not by Tendo, but one of the puppets.
So it seems that Tsukikage has been annihilated – those who survived have been captured by Moryo. Of course, this is where the episode ends.

Well, I hope Yuki manages to survive somehow, though things look really bleak for her. Since we haven’t seen bodies for Katrina, Byakko and Hatsume, I’m just going to assume that they are still alive.
Still, the mucky stuff really hit the fan here, and Mei is pretty much the one to blame for all of it. The future seems really bleak for the confirmed survivors of Tsukikage…

Talking of the future, I feel like the scene where Momo talking to Katrina was hinting that she would end up taking Byakko on as an apprentice. I guess that could still happen, but they do have other concerns as it stands.

After many weeks of guessing, Mei has finally been revealed as the traitor. She may want to keep Fu, but I don’t exactly think that Fu will exactly be co-operative after what had just happened.

Well, this episode certainly had a depressing ending.

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1 Response to Release the Spyce Episode 10: Cut Down the Enemy

  1. OG-Man says:

    Forgot the Yuki Yuna writer was part of the staff. Fingers crossed Mei’s a double-agent and the “Sacrifice Count” won’t be too harsh. We know anime tend to have a sacrifice fetish.

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