Bloom Into You Episode 10: First Draft

The first draft of the script for the student council play is completed in episode ten of Bloom Into You, and Touko decides that the student council should have a training camp during summer break to rehearse.

Koyomi & Yuu

Koyomi is very reluctant to hand over the first draft of her script

Koyomi has finished the first draft of her script, but is rather nervous about handing it over. It is the first time she has written a script after all. Yuu manages to get a hold of it, and goes to make copies for the rest of the student council.

Yuu & Touko

Yuu puts some space between herself and Touko

Yuu happens to bump into Touko, and tells her about the script. As they both look at it, Yuu puts a little space between herself and Touko. After she goes to hand copies of the script to the others, Touko worries that she might have gone a little too far with Yuu after what happened last time.
I won’t go into the details of the script, but I will say that Koyomi has some very good intuition when it comes to choosing who should play which character.


I really like Koyomi

The student council has a meeting to go over the script, and Koyomi is invited along as well. Touko goes over which member of the student council would be play each role. Koyomi’s intuition leaves Sayaka wondering just how much Koyomi actually knows.

Training Camp

Touko has arranged for the student council to have a training camp

In order to help the student council prepare for the play, Touko got Riko’s help to secure a school lodge for a study camp. Touko asks if everyone is OK with going along with it, though Yuu knows that they don’t actually get a choice.

Yuu & Touko studying

Yuu & Touko studying

Moving on, Yuu & Touko study together whilst discussing the upcoming training camp. Of course, Yuu is worried about Touko doing something, but Touko promises that she will hold herself back.

Miyako & Riko

Riko arranges something for the student council play, but Miyako has other things in mind

With the student council working earnestly for the play, Riko decides to call someone and ask them for a favour. As soon as she mentions Touko’s name, the person she is calling is eager to help out.


Yuu during summer break

Yuu finds herself rather restless during summer break. She doesn’t have much to do until the training camp, though her Mum does want her to help out around the shop. Deciding to be more active, Yuu goes out on a run and bumps into an old friend.

Yuu & Natsuki

Yuu hangs out with Natsuki for the day

After bumping into Natsuki, Yuu decides that to hang out with her for a while. They go shopping together, and end up at the café where Miyako works. Natsuki mentions how Yuu only ever seems to go on about Touko, but Yuu just brushes it off as her needing to be wary around her.


Touko has a conversation with Yuu on the phone

Whilst Touko is eating dinner with her parents, her Dad tells her that she really doesn’t need to become her sister. This leaves Touko feeling irritated, and she decides to call Yuu. Just hearing Yuu’s voice calms her down, and she feels a lot better for it.

Yuu on the phone


Yuu feels restless when talking to Touko, but it isn’t a bad feeling. However, it does match up with what Natsuki said to her earlier when they were in the café.

That wraps up this episode, which adapted chapters 17, 18 and 19 of the manga. All I can see that was changed was the order in which Touko’s dream of the past happened. It was right at the beginning of chapter 17 in the manga, but came after the end credits here.  We’re still getting a faithful adaiptation, though.

This was an enjoyable episode. Koyomi finally finished her script, and I’m glad that we are seeing where that particular thread is leading to. It also means we are seeing more of Koyomi, which is certainly fine by me.
Then we have Touko and Yuu struggling with their feelings for each other – Yuu finding Touko unfair, and Touko barely being able to hold herself back. The training camp is certainly going to be interesting…

It is always nice to see Riko and Miyako as well – that scene could have simply been Riko on the phone, but I’m glad that we got that little extra bit (both in the manga and anime) with Miyako feeling rather affectionate.

Bloom Into You has consistently been excellent throughout this season. As we approach the end, I guess we’ll see whether it can maintain that – will it still be faithful to the manga, or will we get an anime-only ending?
The manga is still ongoing, so I suppose a second season wouldn’t be outside the realms of possibility, either.

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1 Response to Bloom Into You Episode 10: First Draft

  1. OG-Man says:

    Great seeing the sexy adult couple and Rei-chan again. I’m pretty sure Natsuki had a thing for Yuu at one point.

    Koyomi surprised everyone with her sharp sense of perception.

    It’s anyone’s guess (even manga readers) how the anime will end the season. I’m very intrigued.

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