Aikatsu Friends! Episode 33: The Best Friends Cup Concludes

The Best Friends Cup continues in episode thirty-three of Aikatsu Friends!, and the trials have levelled up. Pure Palette have their work cut out for them if they want to make it into the Diamond Friends Cup.


Pitfall traps: simple but effective

Karen activated the volcano on her island at the end of the previous episode. The three remaining Friends units – Pure Palette, Baby Pirates and Double Hibiscus – find themselves running from the volcano. It is not lava that they are fleeing from, but cream. They are told to find escape buttons, which all three units do. Pitfalls open up underneath all of them, sending them underground.

Pure Palette and Mirai

Mirai is impressed by how much Aine and Mio have gelled after their earnest clash

Aine and Mio find themselves right in front of Star Harmony Academy. They haven’t been sent back to the school, though. Rather, Karen had a city build under Karen Island at Mirai’s request. Mirai has been hooked on something lately, and decided to use that as the basis for the trials.
When Mio picks up her phone, Mirai sees the design for her Best Friends Rare Dress. Mio feels that it is incomplete, but Mirai believes it is fine as it is. However, Aine insists on helping Mio to find the thing they need to complete it. They also intend on completing their trial, which is finding their emblem of happiness.


Baby Pirates recreating a scene from Cinderella

As Aine and Mio explore the imitation Star Harmony Academy, which is not quite exactly the same, they come upon a room full of glass slippers and Baby Pirates in the middle of them. Marin is Cinderella, whilst Rinna is the prince. Their trial is to the find the one shoe that fits Cinderella’s foot. Aine and Mio decide to help them out, and Mio soon realises that all the shoes in the room are for the left foot. What they seek is the right foot – of which there is only one. With help from Aine and Mio, Baby Pirates pass their trial and get whisked away to the stage where they perform.

Sleeping Beauty

Mika and Shiina, of Double Hibiscus

Next up, Aine and Mio stumble upon a scene straight out of Sleeping Beauty – except that there are two Sleeping Beauties. Mika and Shiina are fast asleep, and of course there is only one way that they are going to wake up. Aine and Mio decide to be their princes.


Pure Palette become Double Hibiscus’ princes and awaken them with a kiss

Aine and Mio kiss the sleeping girls’ hands, and they wake up. Of course, Double Hibiscus are thankful for the help, but they say that it would have been easier for Pure Palette if they had just left them. Of course, Aine isn’t the type to ignore someone who needs help, and Mio knows that. Double Hibiscus are sent to the stage, meaning that Pure Palette are the only Friends unit who have yet to complete their trials.


The butterfly gives Mio the spark she needs to complete the Best Friends Rare Dresses

Aine and Mio realise that the thing Mirai has been hooked on lately is fairy tales, and their trial is based on the bluebird of happiness. They find their symbol of happiness at Aine’s place (well, the recreation of it). A butterfly happens to land on Aine, and that is the very thing that gives Mio the spark she needs to finish the Best Friends Rare Dress.

Pure Palette

Mio and Aine swear to become Diamond Friends someday

Having completed their trial, Aine and Mio are returned to the surface of Karen Island. However, they find their path to the stage completely blocked by the cream from the volcano. Since they seem to have no way through it, Pure Palette decide to throw in the towel – or, at least, they almost do, but some help arrives.


The other idols create a tunnel through the cream

All of the other idols that participated in the Best Friends Cup decided to band together to help Pure Palette, as Aine and Mio have helped them all at some point before. With giant spoons in hand, they clear a tunnel through the cream. Aine and Mio are able to get to the stage, where they perform whilst wearing their new Best Friends Rare Dresses.


Pure Palette puts on a performance that seriously impresses everyone watching

Pure Palette puts on a performance that makes a statement, and that statement is ‘Pure Palette is back’. They get nothing but positive comments about it.
With all the Friends units having now performed, the time comes for the winner of the Best Friends Cup to be announced. The winner is none other than…

Honey Cat

Honey Cat

Mirai announces that Honey Cat are the winners. Of course, they are ecstatic, but Mirai also has a bit more to say as well. One other unit has also won.

Special Award

Pure Palette also win

Honey Cat’s Miracle Appeal was impressive enough to gain them victory, whilst Pure Palette’s unprecedently perfect set of Best Friends Rare Dresses made it impossible to choose a single victor. As such, both Honey Cat and Pure Palette will be entering the Diamond Friends Cup.
That brings this episode to an end.

Well, now I’m thoroughly convinced that Karen is actually a supervillain – she has her own private island, and she really didn’t hold back when increasing the difficulty of the trials. She is also ridiculously rich.

I suspected quite a while ago that all four main Friends units would end up participating in the Diamond Friends cup, and this episode has proved me correct. It will be interesting to see how Pure Palette, Honey Cat, Reflect Moon and Love Me Tear will perform against each other.
I do wish we had seen more from Honey Cat’s fan meeting tour before this, though. Love Me Tear are the current Diamond Friends so we know that they are plenty capable, and we have seen Pure Palette and Reflect Moon come this far onscreen.
Hopefully any further improvements Honey Cat make will actually be on screen.

The Best Friends Cup episodes may have ended in a predictable way, but it sure was a lot of fun getting to that point. I’ll also admit to being glad we got the predictable end, since that means we’ll probably be seeing more from Honey Cat. Seeing more from Pure Palette is a given, because they are the main characters.

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