Hugtto! PreCure Episode 41: Cry of the Soul

Emiru really isn’t quite herself in the forty-first episode of Hugtto! PreCure. That will do for the intro, I am just going to dive right in.


Emiru struggles to cope after learning that Ruru will return to the future

PreCure have a goal of saving the future, but after they achieve that Hugtan, Harry and Ruru will have to return to the future. It’s not something that any of the girls are particularly keen on, but the news hits Emiru particularly hard. She goes all cat-faced, and drops her verbal tic.


…you know what? Think of me what you will, but Ruru is beautiful

Emiru’s personality undergoes a drastic change, which pretty much catches everyone else off guard. Ruru will return to the future, but her heart and Emiru’s heart… well, I’m sure we’ll see more from that train of thought later on.
Meanwhile, Bishin meets with the head of the Aisaki Konzen – that would be Emiru Aisaki’s grandfather. Bishin tells him about Emiru performing with Ruru.


Emiru’s weirdness is infectious

It seems that everyone (including Masato and Henri) is worried about Emiru, as they all gather and attempt to cheer her up.

Kappa Hana

Hana dresses as a kappa

Helping hands gag

Homare and Saaya attempt the ‘helping hands’ gag

Terrible Pun

Masato even attempts to help, but his terrible pun does not go down well, and Henri just kicks him whilst he is down

In the end, all that the others manage to do is prove that they can be a lovable bunch of idiots at times. Of course, there is one person who is able to get Emiru to almost return to being her normal self.

Show me your heart

Ruru asks Emiru to show her her heart

Ruru asks Emiru to tell her what is wrong, but Emiru feels that as a hero it would be selfish to put her own feelings first. She believes she should just be brave, but this causes her to lose two things: her voice, and her Mirai Crystal. Presumably because Emiru and Ruru’s hearts are no longer synchronised, both of their Mirai Crystals disappear.


Pupple knows that Emiru and Ruru’s hearts are bound together

We get a short scene where Pupple is contacted and informed about Emiru losing her voice. It’s a simple thing, but I really liked that it showed that Pupple cares for both Emiru and Ruru. She just says to let Emiru rest.

Emiru's grandfather

Emiru’s grandfather tells Emiru she should give up playing guitar

Now, we get to see where Masato’s initial terrible attitude towards Emiru playing guitar came from – it’s something their grandfather believed was a waste of time. He blames Ruru, and says that Emiru should just stay with her family. Hana tries to intervene, but Henri stops her – it is a matter for the Aisaki family, after all.

Our Own Future

Masato stands up to his grandfather for Emiru’s sake

Masato makes a stand, saying that not even family can get in the way of being touched by another’s heart and having it open the door to a whole new world. He physically tackles his grandfather to the ground. Henri even helps him, and Masato tells Emiru to let her soul cry out.
Emiru does that, grabs Ruru’s hand and makes a run for it.


EmiRuru make a run for it (whilst Emiru’s parents cheer her on)

After getting out of there, Ruru tells Emiru that she wants to hear her true feelings. She tells her to take her time, but that luxury is cut short by the arrival of a Mou Oshimaidaa.

Monster of the Week

Here’s the monster of the week

Cure Yell, Cure Ange and Cure Etoile try to fight it, but the Mou Oshimaidaa goes after Emiru. With their Mirai Crystals absent, they can’t do much else but run. Emiru trips, but Ruru protects her from the enemy’s attack. Ruru may not be PreCure at the moment, but she is still an android.
PreCure keep the Mou Oshimaidaa busy whilst Emiru and Ruru have a heart to heart.

Emiru & Ruru

Ruru tells Emiru her dream

Emiru finally tells Ruru what she has been holding back all this time: she wants to stay with Ruru forever, and doesn’t want her to return to the future. Ruru has her own dream: she wants to bring the her and Emiru’s music, their love, to the people of the future. Ruru will return to the future, but she will wait for Emiru.

PreCure of Love

The PreCure of Love are back in action

After their heart-to-heart, Emiru and Ruru’s Mirai Crystals return. They transform, and defeat the Mou Oshimaidaa together with the rest of PreCure.
After all that, Twin Love go back to performing, and Masato works on getting his grandfather to accept Emiru’s choices – slowly.


The onion cutting ninjas are at it again…

The prospect of Hugtan, Harry and Ruru departing for the future is still one that fills PreCure’s hearts with great sadness, so they all have a good cry together. Hana says that they will see them off with a smile when it is time for them to go, but for now…
Finally, the episode ends with Henri seemingly giving in to temptation. We’ll have to wait until episode 42 to see how that unfolds.

Before I even start talking about EmiRuru, I will take a moment to recognise the supporting characters here. I already mentioned, but the small scene with Pupple showing genuine care for Emiru was quite touching.
And of course, Masato has certainly come a long way from his initial introduction. It seems that he only really knew his grandfather’s values at first, but meeting Henri was clearly the best thing that could have happened to him. Seeing Masato stand up against those same outdated values he once believed in was certainly cathartic. Henri not hesitating to jump in to help him out was nice as well.

All right, now I will be focusing on EmiRuru. Now, one of the main reasons I decided to watch PreCure in the first place was because I learned of all the yuri stuff in it from TV Tropes. Some seasons had next to none, others were absolutely full of it – regardless, when episodes like this one come along, my decision to watch PreCure proves that it was a very good one.
Emiru wants to be together with Ruru forever, and I want to see the pair of them be together forever. Ruru wants the people of the future to know about her love for Emiru, though.
Ruru may say that she’ll wait for Emiru, but it isn’t really established how far into the future she is from. Is it the near future, or a distant one? Cure Tomorrow and her allies have the potential of being the heroes of the next season of PreCure at the moment, so maybe the future is closer than we think? Well, at least until that theory gets disproven…
I believe we are due some new information about the new season sometime soon, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for that.

This was an excellent episode of Hugtto! PreCure, of that I have no doubts. EmiRuru were the main focus, but we got some nice moments from most of the other characters as well.
Also, if (or more like when) PreCure save the future, presumably there will be plenty of asu-power to go around. Maybe travelling through time will be easier once Criasu are out of the picture.

Well, for now, EmiRuru remain as strong as ever. I don’t know what the future has in store for them, but presently they continue to shine as bright as ever.

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2 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 41: Cry of the Soul

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  2. OG-Man says:

    I love this couple so very much. Like you and other Yuri Nation members this is what got me into Pretty Cure. Thanks again to you and cirno9fan for getting me into the franchise.

    MiraLiko route it is. Here’s hoping they won’t have to wait long for their fated reunion.

    Pupple and Masato repaying our heroines for changing their lives were nice touches.

    Fingers crossed the Henri subplot ends the way we hope it does.

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