ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 8: Wave of Interest

The eighth episode of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA shines the spotlight upon Lily Hoshikawa, showing us her past.

Saki & Sakura

Franchouchou go on the offensive after the success of the Saga Rock Festival

After the successful show at the Saga Rock Festival, Franchouchou has built up a wave of interest, which Kotaro insists that they ride. To do so, they go on the offensive, performing wherever and whenever they can.

Takeo & Lily

This rather large gentleman takes a keen interest in Lily

All this performing catches the eye of a certain man, who seems to recognise Lily. He goes to a fan event and joins the queue to see her. He places his hands on Lily’s shoulders, despite the rules being clear about no physical contact. Fortunately, Saki is quickly on the case.

Rolling Sobat

Saki takes the man down with a rolling sobat

Saki kicks the man, instantly flooring him. Sakura takes Lily to a safe place, whilst Junko goes to find Kotaro.
They take the man to another room, where he apologises and tells them that No. 6 looks just like a child star from seven years ago: Lily Hoshikawa. Of course, he has no clue about how correct he is.

Watching TV

As it turns out, that man is actually Lily’s dad – they enjoyed watching TV together

Later that evening, Franchouchou discusses the possibility of being recognised – Ai and Junko in particular. Sakura notices that Lily is absent, so she goes to find her. When she does, Lily tells her that the man from earlier is actually her dad.
Lily tells Sakura about how they enjoyed watching TV together, and that made her want to appear on TV. Her dad gave up his job to become her manager.
However, at some point it seemed that Lily’s dad only cared about her TV appearances, and not her at all. This is capped off with a twist to the tale.


Lily – or rather, Masao – suffers a life-ending shock

Lily wasn’t always know by that name – she was Masao. Or rather, he was Masao, and refused to grow up. In a morbid way, Masao was able to achieve that – by dying from the shock of discovering a lone hair growing from his chin (as well as heavy mental distress).
Lily recounts this tale to the other members of Franchouchou, and Saki finds the whole thing hilarious.

Lily is Lily

Kotaro can be abrasive at time, but he brings up a good point: Lily is just Lily

Kotaro knew about Lily’s story all along – or so he claims. Presumably he has knowledge of all the girls from before they died, or maybe he is just a liar. Regardless, who Lily was before doesn’t matter. She is Lily now. The other members of Franchouchou accept Lily for who she is as well.


Takeo picks up an XS size t-shirt

At another event, Takeo shows up once again. He talks with Lily, and decides to pick up an XS t-shirt. He also talks about how he wasn’t exactly a great father, whilst Lily sings the praises of her father. After talking with Lily and buying the t-shirt, Takeo says that he will no longer bother them again.

Sakura hugs Lily

Lily realises that her dad loved her the whole time

Later on, Lily wonders if she would be better of if she didn’t remember anything – like Sakura. However, because Lily does remember, she got a better understanding of how her dad felt.
Not happy with the way things ended between Lily and her father, Franchouchou decide to do something to settle it – with Kotaro’s permission.

Lily's Song

Lily performs a song for her father

Franchouchou comes up with a new song, with main vocals by shrimpy No. 6. Of course, it’s a song that conveys her love for her dad, which she couldn’t really express when she was alive.

So ZOMBIE LAND SAGA is firmly back in idol territory, what with the previous episode and this one. Saying that, I didn’t quite enjoy this one as much as the previous one. I’m sure the whole beyond between father and child will resonate with at least some viewers, but it didn’t particularly do much for me.

As for who Lily was before she died: that doesn’t matter. Lily is Lily, the No. 6 zombie of Franchouchou. Besides, her being a zombie is probably a bigger deal than whatever gender she identifies as.

This episode did bring up an interesting point, though. There are people who recognise the members of Franchouchou from back before they died, and there increasing popularity is only going to contribute to that even more.

I also thought that it was neat that Junko compromised for doing signed photos rather than participating in photo shoots. Kotaro can be all right, sometimes.

This episode was fairly decent, I suppose. I’m hoping the overly long title of the next episode is an indication that we are going back to a more comedy-focused episode. Even if that’s not the case, it seems to be one that will focus on Saki, so I am looking forward to that.

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1 Response to ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 8: Wave of Interest

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    This episode had feels, even if the way she died was rather silly. I am surprised more people haven’t recognized who the zombies are.

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