Aikatsu Friends! Episode 32: Best Friends Cup, Start!

In the thirty-second episode of Aikatsu Friends!, it is time for the Best Friends Cup. The third and final place in the Diamond Friends Cup is up for grabs. Both Pure Palette and Honey Cat are participating, but there can only be one winner.

Pirate Mirai

Pirate Mirai

The Best Friends Cup will take place on Karen’s private island, which is called Karen Island. The theme is survival, and there will be trials for the Friends units to overcome. The first one: getting onto the island.

Honey Cat on a dolphin

Ema and Maika hitch a ride on a dolphin to get to Karen Island

The boat carrying the Friends units stops a little way off from the island. The girls have to cross a series of stepping stones to get there, and anyone who falls is immediately eliminated from the Best Friends Cup.
It looks like Honey Cat is about to suffer an early elimination when they run afoul of a stepping stone that sinks, but they are able to enlist the help of Kyle the dolphin.

End of first trial

Only six units pass the first trial

The competition is very quickly thinned out by the first trial, with only six managing to pass it. Of course, that includes Pure Palette and Honey Cat. On the shore of the island, they are given their next instructions; take one of two paths to a special stage at the heart of the island, completing trials on the way.
There, Friends will be allowed a performance that will be broadcast across Japan. Based on the results from the judges and viewers’ votes, the winner of the Best Friends Cup will be chosen.

Taming a tiger

Honey Cat tames Karen’s pet tiget, Mocha

The six units split evenly into two groups. The rest of this episode focuses on Honey Cat’s trials. First up, they have to tame one of Karen’s pets and get a map from it. The pets are a boar, a bear and a tiger. Naturally, Honey Cat tame Mocha, the tiger.


Ema doesn’t do too well with the rappelling trial

The second trial involves rappelling down a cliff face to get a stamp for the map. One Friends unit bow out before even trying. Ema is almost ready to throw in the towel as well, but Maika is able to get her back in the game and they complete the second trial.


NaNiColle fail their final trial in a heartwarming manner

Honey Cat and Nako Niko Collection arrive at the special stage, but they have one more trial to overcome before they can perform. The pairs of Friends simply have to write down their goals separately, and they pass if they match. However, it has to be an exact match; one word being different is instant failure.
NaNiColle go first. Nico writes ‘Do Aikatsu in Nagoya with Nako’, whilst Nako writes ‘Do Aikatsu in Tokyo with Nico’. Whilst Nako and Nico’s affection for each other is plain to see, their answers aren’t an exact match and so they are eliminated.

Honey Cat

Honey Cat pull off a Miracle Appeal during their performance

As for Honey Cat, their answers match: ‘Respond to the support of our fans’. With them passing the final trial, they are allowed to perform. They do so, and even manage to perform a Miracle Appeal.
Honey Cat get very good comments from the judges afterwards. With Honey Cat having done their part for now, Karen decides it is time to level up the trials.

Trials Levelled Up

The trials are levelled up

This is where the episode ends, so we’ll have to wait until next week to see how Pure Palette fare now that the trials have gotten harder.

It feels like it has been an age since we last got a Honey Cat episode, so it is very nice to see them back in the spotlight once more. It was also a fun episode, with the trials the Friends have to complete being rather out there.
Honey Cat have certainly proved that their fan meeting tour has powered them up, though whether that will be enough for them to advance to the Diamond Friends Cup remains to be seen. After all, Pure Palette weren’t doing nothing during their hiatus.

I also enjoyed the small NaNiColle moment we got when they failed their final trial. They may not have passed, but it seems that they will be happy together.

So, yeah, an all around fun episode. I am very much looking forward to seeing Pure Palette’s trials in the next one, and of course the results of the Best Friends Cup.

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