Release the Spyce Episode 7: Dispersal Experiment

Hatsume attempts to reconnect with her old friend Theresia in the seventh episode of Release the Spyce, which leads to Goe feeling a little lonely.

Theresia and Hatsume

Hatsume invites Theresia out to a pancake place

After what happened last time, Hatsume and Theresia apologise to each other when they bump into each other at school. Hatsume decides to invite Theresia out to a pancake place, and starts getting clingy with her. Goe watches the pair of them depart.

Yuki and Momo

Yuki and Momo train whilst talking about Hatsume

As Yuki and Momo train together, Momo wonders how things will end up working out between Hatsume and Theresia. Yuki says that it will probably be fine, because if Hatsume wants to be friends with someone, she will befriend them. Yuki thinks of Hatsume as her first friend because of that.
She than says that Momo is the most important person to her, but it seems just to be a part of the training; be mindful even of the exchanging of words.
Momo asks Yuki if they can do something together over the summer. Yuki doesn’t exactly give a direct answer, but she does mention discussing their plans.

Momo Swimsuit

Momo tries on a swimsuit that is supposedly too mature for her

The three apprentices – Momo, Fu and Goe – go and do some swimsuit shopping together. According to Fu, Momo’s choice of swimsuit doesn’t suit her. Goe picks one out and imagines getting closer to Hatsume because of it, but she doesn’t try it on. Instead, she leaves the other two so she can get to her part-time job.

Dispersal Experiment

Moryo starts its dispersal experiment

Moryo starts the dispersal experiment that has been alluded to few times before in this episode and the previous one. A drone drops a purple mist on innocent civilians, causing them to act in bizarre and dangerous ways. Of course, the news causes quite a stir. Theresia shows Hatsume pictures from the incident, and waits to see what her next move is.


Hatsume freely admits to being a member of Tsukikage

After seeing the pictures, Hatsume retreats to the toilet to make a phone call. She noticed that Goe was in one of the pictures. After that, she returns to her table and just freely admits to Theresia that she is part of Tsukikage. However, Hatsume is also aware that Theresia is with Moryo.
Hatsume wants to save Goe, which is why she admitted to being in Tsukikage. She tells Theresia about her role as inventor – oh, and that she also uses poison.


Theresia is not pleased with Hatsume

Hatsume is able to jab Theresia with a needle concealed in her shoe, injecting a neurotoxin that will take ten minutes to stop her moving completely. Hatsume tells her the antidote is in her locker, and hands the key over. If Theresia can’t get the antidote in time, Hatsume promises to take care of her forever as they are friends.
Theresia runs off after that. Hatsume departs shortly afterwards as well.

Goe attacks

Under the influence of the unknown substance, Goe wipes out an entire gang single-handedly

Goe ended up getting caught in Moryo’s dispersal experiment, which brings out a completely different side of herself. She busts into a gang’s hideout, and easily wipes them all out without so much as breaking a sweat.
Momo and Yuki arrive afterwards, and end up having to try and stop her themselves. However, even Yuki struggles against her.

Yuki holds Momo

Yuki catches Momo after Goe sends her flying

As it turns out, Goe actually outranks Yuki. She is Tsukikage’s ace in the hole. Hatsume contacts Yuki, asking about Goe. She says that she can talk Goe down, so Yuki decides to make it so that Goe can hear Hatsume. As such, Yuki and Momo’s mission is to prevent Goe from leaving the building.


Yuki seizes the opportunity to attach a communication device to Goe

Yuki is able to get Goe to hear Hatsume’s voice, so Hatsume starts talking to her. Hatsume tells Goe that she is irreplaceable, all whilst Yuki and Momo are getting thrown around by her.
As Hatsume is talking she is rushing towards their location.

Hatsume hugs Goe

Hatsume is able to snap Goe out of her berserk state

Hatsume tells Goe that she adores her, and this snaps Goe back to normal. Goe starts crying and apologising profusely for what happened, whilst Hatsume simply comforts her.
After the incident, Tsukikage examines the information they have gathered about it. Fu is able to tell the man with the drone was in disguise. More importantly, an analysis of Goe’s blood gives Tsukikage a lead – one that will take them to Okinawa.

Goe and Hatsume

Goe and Hatsume agree to spend more time together

Hatsume visits Goe, who is recovering after the incident. Goe shyly asks if they could spend more time together, doing things like going fun places and holding hands whilst they walk. Hatsume agrees, making Goe very happy.
Oh, by the way, Hatsume never really poisoned Theresia.
Theresia reports on her progress to the Sparrow Woman, confirming that Hatsume Aoba is indeed a member of Tsukikage. However, that’s the only information she can confirm for now – she doesn’t know where their hideout is or who the other members are.
There is also a scene after the end credits, with Moryo planning to make a move on August 18.

This was a great episode of Release the Spyce. It’s another one that puts the focus on the relationship between mentor and apprentice, though it certainly did have some surprises. Hatsume admitting to being in Tsukikage was one of them.
Then we have the reveal that Goe outranks Yuki. Be wary of the quiet ones, huh?

Things went a bit sinister when Hatsume claimed that she poisoned Theresia, what with her claiming that she will take care of her forever. That certainly presented Hatsume and her ability to befriend anyone in a somewhat different light. As it turns out, she lied about the poison.
I wonder how long Hatsume will be able to keep the fact that Theresia is indeed working for Moryo quiet. The other Tsukikage members have shown themselves to be fairly observant after all.


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