Bloom Into You Episode 7: Kindness

With Sayaka being the focus of episode seven of Bloom Into You, we find out a little more about her past, as well as her feelings in the present.

Sayaka & Middle School Senpai

Sayaka dated another girl in middle school

The episode starts with a flashback to Sayaka in middle school, when another girl confessed to her. She accepted her feelings, but as time passed the other girl claimed she was just going through a phase. Sayaka, on the other hand, wasn’t.
When starting a new high school, Sayaka wanted to forget all that. However, she then laid eyes upon Touko.

Yuu & Koyomi

Koyomi asks Yuu what kind of person Touko is

Back to the present, and having agreed to write the script for the student council’s play, Koyomi asks Yuu what Touko is like. Yuu just dodges the question, giving off the impression that Touko is flawless. That makes it harder for Koyomi to come up with something to write.

Akari & Riko

Riko scolds Akari for not calling her ‘Hanozaki-sensei’

Yuu and Koyomi’s conversation is interrupted by Akari, who comes rushing into the classroom to ask Koyomi to tutor her for Japanese class. Their teacher, Riko Hanozaki, has threatened her with extra classes if her grades don’t improve.

Hidden Behind Perfection

Sayaka doesn’t pry into the secrets hidden behind Touko’s perfect self

Moving on, Touko has received a love letter from a girl. The last time she got one she made the sender cry, so she decides to try and be more gentle about rejecting this one. Sayaka calls out Touko for becoming more friendly with Yuu, but Touko just brushes it off as Yuu being the only first year girl to join the student council.


Yuu has Koyomi meet Touko and Sayaka

Later on, Yuu takes Koyomi to a café so she can meet Touko and Sayaka in order to discuss the script for the student council’s play. Whilst they are there, they are surprised to see a familiar face turn up.

Miyako greets Riko

Miyako greets Riko in a familiar manner – something that Sayaka takes particular notice of

That familiar face is Riko, the Japanese teacher. Miyako seem very friendly with her, saying ‘welcome back’ when she walks through the door. Riko just writes it off as the two being old classmates from college.


Yuu teases Touko, simply by calling her by her first name

After spending time at the café, Yuu and Touko walk home together. As they do so, Touko plucks up the courage to ask Yuu if she can call her by her first name. Yuu has no problem with that. Touko also wants Yuu to call her by her first name – Yuu complies, but does it mostly in order to tease Touko.

Riko & Miyako kiss

Riko & Miyako kiss

The scene shifts over to Riko and Miyako, who are living together. As it turns out, Riko was the Theatre Club advisor at her old school, so she has decided to help out the student council. More importantly, we see why Miyako was so familiar with her: the two are in a relationship. A relationship that Riko wants to keep quiet about, particularly in front of her students.

Touko & Sayaka

Sayaka says she will start calling Yuu by her first name as well

Back to the student council, and Touko starts calling Yuu by her first name. This doesn’t go unnoticed, but Touko claims she just felt she would be friendlier with everyone. Sayaka says that she will start calling Yuu by her first name as well, but decides ultimately not to go through with it.


Sayaka wearing glasses. She usually wears contacts at school

When Sayaka goes home, she has some time to think. She knows that Touko and Yuu have been getting closer, but she convinces herself that it won’t become any sort of genuine or exclusive relationship.

Miyako & Sayaka

Miyako confirms Sayaka’s suspicions about her

Sayaka decides to return to Miyako’s café, and asks if she and Riko are in a relationship together. Miyako just gives an honest answer: she and Riko are girlfriends. Sayaka is a little taken aback at the honest answer, but then she gets to talking.
Miyako asks if there is a girl that Sayaka likes. Sure enough, there is. However, she says that she is content just to be that girl’s best friend, holding back the feelings she has. Miyako believes that this makes Sayaka a kind person.

This episode brings to light things about Sayaka that I think most viewers have already guessed at this point (and of course manga readers have known for a while now). Sayaka is certainly in a tough position, and with the way that the relationship between Yuu and Touko is going, things don’t exactly look good for her.

This episode adapted chapters 11 and 12 of the manga, though it did move a few events around. Sayaka’s middle school romance was actually part of her chat with Miyako in the manga, but it was separated out for the anime.
Still, though the order of things was changed slightly, we are still getting a very faithful adaptation of the manga here.

There’s a lot of great expressions coming from this episode – particularly from Yuu and Touko. That scene where Yuu teases Touko is excellent, and probably the best example.

Can’t go without mentioning Riko and Miyako, either. Those two may have only had brief screentime together, but they definitely made it count.

Yet another excellent episode of Bloom Into You.

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1 Response to Bloom Into You Episode 7: Kindness

  1. OG-Man says:

    Sayaka may be cursed but she’s hanging in there so that’s somewhat reassuring, though she knows there will come a time she could snap.

    Yuu and Touko remain adorable despite Touko’s controversial personality.

    Also more Miyako X Miss Riko please!

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