Autumn 2018 Anime: Thoughts So Far

Well, it must be around halfway through the current season of anime again, as once more I will be sharing my thoughts on the shows I have chosen to watch. There’s certainly been some pretty interesting stuff this season, so I’ll just jump right in.

I’ll begin with the shows that started airing during this season, roughly going through them in the order they aired.

The Girl in TwilightTGiTThe Girl in Twilight started off with a fairly interesting first episode, but the second and third ones weren’t so great. However, every episode afterwards has managed to be better, and I am finding this to be a fun watch. Seems like it is pretty easy to interpret this show as a yuri harem, which only makes it better for me.

Between the Sky and SeaBtS&SBetween the Sky and Sea is all right, I suppose. Probably one of the shows on my watch list that I am least enthusiastic about. I’m particularly not a fan of Namino who just won’t quite complaining about everything. Admittedly it is justified sometimes, but other times she is just complaining about Haru and that got really old, really fast. Not particularly spectacular, this one.
Also not a fan of the way Crunchyroll is trying to convey an accent through its subtitles.

ZOMBIE LAND SAGAResearchZOMBIE LAND SAGA had an absolutely stellar start, really taking advantage of the element of surprise to deliver a couple of very unique episodes. Then it turned into a regular idol show, and lost some of that initial momentum it had built for itself. It did bring back some decent comedy in a recent episode, but went to being more serious after that.
However, the more serious part brings with it insight into the lives of Ai and Junko before they became zombies, and that was pretty interesting to watch. It was my favourite show of the season back at the beginning, but now not so much. Still enjoying it a lot, though.

Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhoodMVwlimnThis show is cute and funny, and that’s all I ask for something like Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood. I particularly enjoy the way that vampires’ typical weaknesses have been worked into it, such as Sophie not entering someone’s house without their permission. Neat little nods to the vampire folklore there.
And, of course, there’s some pretty neat yuri stuff going on here. It’s a little more blatant than the typical show of this genre, which is always nice.

Bloom Into YouTouko & YuuSo far, Bloom Into You has been an excellent adaptation of Nio Nakatani’s manga. It has been a real treat to see the characters from the pages of the manga come to life on the screen. The story is compelling as well, as both Yuu and Touko come to terms with the emotions that they may or may not feel for each other. Easily one of the best shows I am watching this season.

UzaMaid!UWell, this show is certainly one that can be very awkward at times. Though saying that, it did manage to have a couple of genuinely sweet moments. They get kind of lost in amongst the comedy and Tsubame’s er… preferences, but they are there.
One would hope that Midori would allow for Tsubame to focus on something else, but I suspect her role will strictly be as comic relief.
Misha can be a bit bratty at times, but her reactions to the insanity that happens around and to her tend to make up for that.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden WindJJBAGWJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure remains just as bizarre as ever, with a battle against a Stand user on a boat. At this point, Giorno has joined Bucciarati’s gang, though the other members don’t seem to take to him very well.
Presumably the next few episodes will be spent establishing them and their Stand powers. I look forward to seeing what bizarre feats they are capable of.

Ace Attorney Season 2AA2Ace Attorney Season 2 has covered a couple of cases from the games, and given us an anime original as the most recent episode. I am still of the opinion that the best way to experience Ace Attorney is by playing the games, and this second season of the anime isn’t doing anything to change my mind.
I will give it credit for animating characters based on their sprites from the games. However, the lack of music from the games is somewhat disappointing, particularly as I seem to recall that was something done in the first season.

Release the SpyceMomo, Theresia, Hatsume and GoeDespite having some rather dark stuff, I find myself enjoying Release the Spyce quite a lot. As it stands, we know that Tsukikage has a traitor, but nobody knows who it is just yet. Some hints have been dropped, but I suspect it won’t be as simple as it being the character they are pointing towards.
Action scenes tend to be fairly decent when they come around, and the relationships between mentors and apprentices have been fun as well.

Fairy Tail Final SeasonFTFSFairy Tail is back on our screens, and it is just that: more Fairy Tail. That’s about what I expected, and as such I am glad for that. The music is as good as ever – it is a delight to hear Fairy Tail‘s main theme again.
So far it has been a case of getting everyone back together and having them show off the fruits of their training whilst they’ve been apart. A pretty enjoyable return for what it is. Also, I’m pretty much only watching it for Wendy.

Anima Yell!AYIt’s a cute show about girls cheerleading, and that is exactly what they have done so far. Well, they’ve also established themselves as the cheer association. It has been pretty typical girls’ club stuff – which is fine, because I enjoy that. Got to give it kudos for having a girl come out and ask for for the cheer association to cheer for her confession.
The characters are a fun group, with pretty good energy between them. A fun girls’ club show.

Himote House: A share house of super psychic girlsHH-AshospgHalfway through the season, and I’m still unsure what to make of Himote House. I don’t mind that it is CGI, that I know for sure. However, it’s not the most compelling viewing – just girls talking about how they could become popular. Yet, I’m still tuning in every week.
To be fair, it’s most recent episode was actually pretty decent. Still not a fan of the segments at the end, though. I’ll continue watching Himote House, but it isn’t something I’ll be recommending to anyone.

SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTERHomura's Crimson SquadI’ve been enjoying SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER so far. Of course, the fanservice you’d expect is abundant, and it has some genuinely fun stuff. Then you have Asuka being overly serious, which is quite a departure from what I am used to.
I’m still not completely sold on Yumi, but I have warmed up to her a little bit thanks to this anime. I’m pretty much mostly watching this for the Hanzo Academy girls and Homura’s Crimson Squad.
As it goes, SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER could potentially end up being my favorite ecchi show that I’ve watched.

Next up, the shows that have been airing for multiple seasons.

Aikatsu Friends!Pure Palette ClashAikatsu Friends! has had a pretty good set of episodes recently, which started with Aine and Mio putting Pure Palette on hiatus (breaking up). We got to see their solo Aikatsu activities, before the most recent episode had them challenge each other. The way that particular arc capped off was really good.
I’m also really enjoying episodes that focus on Sakuya and Kaguya Shirayuri – the twins who make up Reflect Moon. Aikatsu Friends! has just been getting better and better lately.

BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONSBNNG - Bortuo, Sarada, Shikadai, Cho-Cho & InojinMitsuki has departed the Hidden Leaf Village in suspicious circumstances, so Boruto and his friends have started pursuing him to bring him back. I’ve enjoyed this arc of BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS so far. Definitely far more interesting than the Cho-Cho stuff we were getting a while back.

Hugtto! PreCureTogether Into TomorrowHugtto! PreCure is easily one of the strongest seasons of PreCure, at least in my opinion. It probably helps that it is a celebration of fifteen years of the franchise, and Toei has certainly been going all out for it.
Excellent action, surprisingly dark stories and yuri – this season of PreCure is bringing all that to the table, and even more besides. All the nods to the franchise’s history, and episodes 36 and 37 in particular…
Then you have EmiRuru on top of that. Hugtto! PreCure is just so good.

One PieceOP - CarrotOne Piece is still making its way through the Whole Cake Island Arc, though it is getting towards the end by this point. It’s been all right, but the best stuff is still yet to come. In particular, Carrot will get her time to shine in the next episode. Luffy is still fighting Katakuri as well. The clash of similar Devil Fruit powers is interesting, but the glacial pace of the anime doesn’t really help.

Finally, I have a couple of other shows that share my thoughts on.

Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword SeekersTFSSThe second season of Gen Urobuchi’s puppet series is just as good as the first. It’s a real blast to watch. The action scenes are great, as too is the soundtrack. Thunderbolt Fantasy is easily something I recommend checking out.

RWBY Volume 6RWBYThe 6th volume of RWBY started a couple of weeks back. It seems that the only place to watch it at the moment is on Rooster Teeth’s website. Since I’m not subscribed to Rooster Teeth First, I have only seen the first couple of episodes at the time of writing. New episodes are released first for Rooster Teeth First subscribers, and then a week later for everyone else.
The premiere of volume 6 was excellent. It was particularly pleasing to see team RWBY back together again, fighting side by side.
RWBY‘s return has been pretty good so far.

Well, that covers all my thoughts on everything I am watching this season, plus a couple of extras.
Well, not quite everything. I’ll pick out my top five shows now we are roughly halfway through the season. Just to make it fair, I’ll only focus on the shows that started this season, as well.

5: The Girl in Twilight
4: Release the Spyce
3: Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood
1: Bloom Into You

Honestly, that top five is fairly arbitrary as it stands. Include the likes of Hugtto! PreCure and Aikatsu Friends!, and it looks very different. Regardless, they are the autumn shows that I have been enjoying the most.
The majority of the shows I have chosen to watch have been decent, though, and I suspect that will continue to be the case for the rest of the season.

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