Hugtto! PreCure Episode 39: Infinite Labyrinth

Hugtto! PreCure returns after taking a break last week. In this 39th episode, PreCure find themselves ending up in Harry’s home.

Dancing Hugtan

Dancing Hugtan

This episode starts of pleasantly enough, with the girls enjoying Hugtan dancing. Emiru and Ruru have also prepared some pancakes. Hana takes a bit, but then there is an anomaly.


Even in the middle of an anomaly, its nice to see EmiRuru

One moment, everyone is in Harry’s shop. Then the anomaly happens, and they all find themselves in Harry’s hometown, Harihari Township. They meet the Harihari Clan (don’t call them mice), but that is soon interrupted by the arrival of Risutol. The PreCure are sent elsewhere, leaving Risutal alone with Harry and Hugtan.

Infinite Labyrinth

Cure Yell and the others are sent to the Infinite Labyrinth

With PreCure out of the way for now, Risutol tells Harry to stop defying the will of Criasu. He believes that resisting overwhelming power is ultimately meaningless. He is after the Mirai Crystal White.

Harry vs Risutol

Harry and Risutol fight in both hamster and human forms

Harry and Risutol fight, but Risutol is able to get the upper hand. He binds Harry, but Hugtan is able to call out to PreCure which allows them to escape the Infinite Labyrinth. With PreCure arrived, Risutol shows them the future of Hugkumi City – it is barren, having been frozen in time.

Monster of the Week

Risutol’s Wild Oshimaidaa

Risutol summons a Wild Oshimaidaa, which is powered up by the abundance of toge-power. Cure Yell and the others have a hard time fighting it. Whilst they are doing that, Risutol attempts to break Harry.

Harry's flashback

It seems some kind of disease swept through Harry’s hometown in the past – Criasu were the ones to offer to help

Harry is reminded of his past, and how he, Risutol and Bishin lost their hometown. If it was possible to resist such overwhelming power, their home would still exist – or that’s how Risutol puts it, anyway.

Cure Yell

Cure Yell cheers for Harry

When it seems that Harry is about to give in to despair, Cure Yell starts cheering. She is joined by the others, and Harry snaps out of it. With his support, Cure Yell defeats the Wild Oshimaidaa with her Heart For You attack.
The monster of the week may be defeated, but Risutol doesn’t retreat. Instead, she takes Harry and Hugtan captive. Yell pursues them.

Yell vs Risutol

Yell fights Risutol

Risutol tells Yell that the future she is aiming for doesn’t exist, but Yell insists on fighting for it anyway. She wants a future where Hugtan can grow up. Yell loves the future, and those words are the catalyst for activating the Mirai Crystal White.


Risutol calls this ‘Mother’

The Mirai Crystal White brings forth what appears to be the same being that made both Emiru and Ruru into PreCure back in episode 20. Risutol calls her ‘Mother’, and she seems to bestow a new power upon PreCure.

Together Into Tomorrow

Together Into Tomorrow

Risutol is blasted with the attack. After they use it, someone appears in front of Cure Yell and asks her to save the future.

Save the Future

Presumably Hugtan’s older self

Risutol returns to Criasu, where he reports to George about the Mirai Crystal White turning into the Mother Heart. He also tells George that he detests him.
PreCure, Hugtan and Harry return to Harry’s shop, where Harry has something that he wants to tell everyone. However, he is interrupted by an unexpected arrival.

Doctor Traum

Doctor Traum shows up out of nowhere

Traum has come to see his daughter, Ruru. Ruru is not so eager about the situation. We’ll have to wait until the next episode to see what will happen, though, as this is where this one ends.

This was a fantastic episode of Hugtto! PreCure, and well worth the break we had to endure. Harry’s past is very dark – presumably those of the Harihari Clan that Criasu didn’t help died off. If not by the disease that they seemed to be suffering, then definitely in that fire…
Or maybe I’m wrong and they are just hiding. I don’t know.

My respect for Harry has gone up a bit. After all, not many mascot characters are capable of holding their own in a fight, besides those who end up becoming PreCure later. Talking of fights, Cure Yell’s effort against Risutol is also worth mentioning.

Than there’s the matter of the Mother Heart. Presumably there is some connection with Hugtan, and I am curious as to why Risutol called that golden deity thing mother. Is she a deity? She clearly has some kind of power.

A truly excellent episode of Hugtto! PreCure. With the next one focusing on Ruru and her father, I am very much looking forward to seeing it.

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