Bloom Into You Episode 6: Words That Bind

In episode six of Bloom Into You, Yuu does some digging into the student council’s history after some prompting from Sayaka. Through doing so, she comes to learn little more about Touko.

Touko's look

Yuu wants to be able to look at Touko the same way Touko looks at at her

The episode begins with a student council meeting, and no progress on the script for the stage show. Nobody seems to know anyone who is capable of writing a script. Well, that’s not strictly true; Yuu knows that Koyomi could probably write one, but she keeps that under wraps for the time being.

Sayaka & YuuAfter the meeting, Yuu decides to check over Koyomi’s novel one more time, and Sayaka happens to see her doing so. Sayaka asks why Yuu didn’t say anything when asked about a scriptwriter, and suggests the reason is because she is worried about Touko.
Yuu tries to deny it, but Sayaka tells Yuu to not interfere with Touko’s wishes – becoming the student council president and doing the stage show are things she both chose to do herself.
Before Sayaka departs, she drops a hint about why Touko is so determined to do the stage show: the student council president from seven years ago.


Yuu searches for documents about the student council from seven years ago

Yuu’s research grinds to a halt when she discovers that the records of the student council from seven years ago have vanished, but she is able to get a lead thanks to one of her sister’s colleagues. The name of the student council president from seven years ago was Mio Nanami.
Sure enough, that as Touko’s older sister. However, she died in a traffic accident. That was when Touko decided she would try to become just like her sister, rather than be her own person. However, Yuu knows Touko’s true self.


Touko wants to be just like her sister, rather than be her own person

Yuu asks Touko if they can walk home together, and tells her that she knows about her sister. Yuu tells Touko that she can just stop and not bother with the play – people will accept her for who she is.
Touko surprises Yuu by insisting that they will go along with the stage show, whether Yuu participates or not.

Touko & Yuu

This whole scene is excellent

Internally, Yuu is thinking that she wants to fall in love with Touko. However, she tells Touko that she will never fall in love with her. Yuu will remain by her side though, even agreeing to do the student council stage show.
Touko asks Yuu if they can hold hands on the way home, and Yuu agrees.

Holding Hands

Touko and Yuu holding hands

To cap things off, we get a scene after the credits which gives us Touko’s perspective of her relationship of Yuu. Touko believes Yuu to be the kindest girl in the world, and she can never going back to being lonely after feeling such comfort. The episode ends with Touko silently thinking one thing: ‘please don’t fall in love with me, Yuu.’

With this sixth episode, we now have an insight to why Touko is so adamant on doing the student council stage show, as well as why she wanted to become student council president. One of the earlier episodes had a brief hint about Mio Nanami, but now we know that everything Touko is doing is pretty much in order to become her sister.
That’s not who Touko is, though, and Yuu knows that.
A conflict is also arising between Yuu’s inner and outer feelings – she wants to fall in love with Touko, but Yuu tells Touko that she will never fall in love with her. Touko doesn’t want Yuu to fall in love with her, but I suspect it might be a little bit too late for that.

After the past few episodes adapted two chapters each, this one only adapted a single chapter of the manga: chapter 10, ‘Lock Away My Words’. We also got episode X, ‘Locked Away By Words’, which naturally comes right after chapter 10 at the end of volume 2 of the manga. Since its a relatively small thing, that’s probably why it was a post-credits scene.
Since only one chapter of the manga was adapted this time around, we got some extra scenes that either weren’t present or come a little later on. Yuu searching for documents on the student council wasn’t in chapter 10 of the manga, and the same goes for Yuu telling Koyomi that she may have the opportunity to write a script. There was also the walk to the river – in the manga, that wasn’t present either.

Everything else was in the manga, and the adaptation was as faithful to it as ever. Truth be told, though, this might have been the first time where the anime adaptation surpassed my expectations – the scene on the river was very good.
I suspect that that feeling may have come earlier for other manga readers, and I can certainly see why. For me, though, everything about that scene was adapted absolutely perfectly.

We may only be roughly around halfway through the autumn season of anime, but I feel pretty confident in saying Bloom Into You is a must-watch for any yuri fan. Will I still feel that way be the end of the season? Only time will tell.
That shouldn’t be a surprise, though – the manga is pretty much required reading for yuri fans as it is.

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2 Responses to Bloom Into You Episode 6: Words That Bind

  1. Karandi says:

    I haven’t gotten to this episode yet, but this anime has so far been an awesome watch this season. I really have enjoyed how it has been put together so far.

  2. OG-Man says:

    Week after week it keeps getting better and better.

    Touko being as emotionally confused as Yuu about their relationship was an expected yet still welcome twist. Very excited to see how their relationship continues to develop.

    Also poor Sayaka. The Yaya Curse shows no mercy. Hopefully she’ll be okay or find someone else to fill her heart when she learns the painful truth.

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