SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER Episode 4: Last Light that Illuminates the Darkness

In the fourth episode of SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER, the Gessen Academy shinobi investigate Genkou and Sekkou. There’s not really a need for a NSFW warning this time around.


Kagura gets serious

Previously, a shinobi invited Kagura to participate in the Shinobi Masters and told her the prize was a chance to battle the ultimate youma. Said shinobi’s name is Fubuki, and she complies when Kagura asks for proof of her strength. Acknowledging that, Kagura transforms into her adult form. Kagura makes the first attack, but Fubuki’s counterattack is invisible to the naked eye.

Shredded clothes

Fubuki shreds Kagura’s clothes without even moving

Kagura has a single question for Fubuki: ‘who are you?’. She doesn’t get an answer, though; Gekkou and Senkou arrive in order to take Fubuki back with them.

Gekkou, Senkou and Fubuki

Gekkou and Senkou arrive for Fubuki

Before Fubuki retreats, she tells Kagura that she will get the answer to her question if she participates in the Shinobi Masters.


Homura wakes up

We briefly check in with Homura’s Crimson Squad, who are watching over their unconscious leader. They decide to not participate in the Shinobi Masters for now, but that gets put aside when Homura wakes up. She wants to know why Asuka did what she did.


Yumi participates in Shiki’s training

Moving on to Gessen Academy, Yumi, Minori and Murakumo are participating in a training regime created by Shiki. It turns out that the goal of the training is weight loss, as they will be around a lot of good food during parties as Christmas us coming up.

Middle School

Gekkou and Senkou attend Gessen Academy’s middle school

Yozakura finds a Gessen Academy newsletter, and it has a photo that is of particular interest in it. Gekkou and Senkou are in the photo, which is of Gessen’s middle school athletic tournament. Learning that Gekkou and Senkou attend the middle school. Yumi decides that they should look into it.

Kurokage training

Yumi thinks back to her training with her grandfather, Kurokage

When Yumi goes to bed that night, she thinks back to the training she did with Kurokage – her grandfather. In all the flashback scenes, she is accompanied by another girl. It is revealed shortly afterwards that the other girl is Fubuki.

Teacher disguises

Yumi and Minori attempt to disguise themselves as teachers

The mission to infiltrate Gessen’s middle school almost instantly hits a snag when the fangirls start swarming around Yumi. The Gessen Academy shinobi attempt to disguise themselves as teachers, but Yumi decides on a different plan after seeing Murakumo’s disguise.


Yumi and Yozakura’s tracking of Gekkou and Senkou ends in a skirmish

Yumi and the others just settle on wearing the middle school uniform, and start searching for Gekkou and Senkou. Shiki, Minori and Murakumo manage to gather intel from the students, whilst Yumi and Yozakura find their targets.
The pair try to tail them, but end up getting into a fight on the school’s roof. Gekkou and Senkou claim that Yumi has abandoned Kurokage’s teachings, and that they will be the ones to carry them on.

Shinobi Masters

The Shinobi Masters begins

Moving on, the Shinobi Masters begins. For the moment, it seems that only Hebijo and Gessen are participating, but we see Asuka stealthily arriving at the event as well. Said event is being livestreamed to shinobi across the world, and Fubuki announces the start.
Of course, this is where this episode ends.

Some toned down fanservice for this episode as more pieces of the plot are put together. We have seen that Yumi and Fubuki have a shared past, though there wasn’t much of a reaction from Yumi when she saw Fubuki.
Haruka mentioned something about not participating in the Shinobi Masters, but I doubt that will be the case now that Homura is conscious.
As for Asuka, we now know that she does intend to save her friends. Seems like she is willing to pay any cost to do so though, as Yumi and Homura can both attest.

It was treat seeing Kagura in this episode as well – her adult form is certainly very nice. Actually, seeing her has given me the urge to play Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson again. She may not be a playable character in said game, but she does play an important role in the plot.

The Shinobi Masters kicks off proper in the next episode. I’m looking forward to seeing what shape the tournament will take.

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