Bloom Into You Episode 5: Multiple Choice

Midterms are approaching in the fifth episode of Bloom Into You, so Yuu decides it is time to buckle down and start studying – and she gets a certain someone helping her out with that.

Reading too much into books

Yuu reads too much into a certain book that Touko buys

This episode starts with an adaptation of an interlude chapter from the manga, with Yuu going over the different types of books her friends tend to buy. A certain book Touko chooses makes Yuu think she is just doing it to get a reaction, but Touko is oblivious about the contents.

Koyomi's novel

Koyomi has been writing a novel

Talking of books, remember when Koyomi had been feverishly writing something before? Turns out she has been working on a novel, and she intends to submit it to a contest for amateurs. Before she does that, though, she asks Yuu to read it and provide feedback. Yuu eagerly agrees.

Touko & Yuu

Touko and Yuu study together

Yuu decides to start studying in the library, and almost everyone she asks to go with her turns her down. There is one person willing to join her, though: Touko. Touko claims that she is helping Yuu as a small token of her affection, but Yuu just says that it bugs her when she can’t return a favour. Touko simply tells Yuu to get used to it.
When the library gets too crowded, Yuu invites Touko back to her place to study.

Beating Heart

Touko finds it hard to concentrate

When Touko goes over, Rei’s boyfriend Hiro is there which means that Rei has made cheesecake. Yuu and Touko get a slice to eat each, before they start studying.
However, Touko finds it hard to concentrate. She invites Yuu to feel the beating of her heart, but Yuu gets an idea of how fast it is by feeling her pulse.
Touko thinks Yuu should be more careful, and Yuu agrees: she will stay on her guard whilst around Touko. Of course, that wasn’t what Touko meant – she suggests that Maki could be falling for Yuu, but Yuu knows that is not the case.
Yuu has come to realise that Touko needs her the most, and tells her that she will stay by her side if she asks.
When Touko departs, Yuu knows she will be spending a lot of time with her, but she wonders if her feelings towards her will change.


Touko gives Rei her contact details so she can send her the cheesecake recipe

As Touko leaves, she bumps into Rei and Hiro. Touko thanks Rei for the cheesecake, and when Rei says that Yuu loves it when she makes it, Touko asks for the recipe. Rei agrees to send it to her, so they exchange contact details.

Sleepy Yuu

Touko’s reaction to receiving this picture is great

The episode ends with Yuu narrating that she is not alone, though she wishes that her heart would choose and decide for her. Touko also receives the recipe as promised, and a nice little bonus picture.

This episode of Bloom Into You adapted chapters 8 and 9 of the manga, which are titled ‘Multiple Choice’ and ‘Multiple Choice (continued)’ respectively. A couple of interludes were also adapted: ‘Reading Too Much Into Books’, which comes between chapters 7 and 8, and ‘The Day Touko Came to Yuu’s Place to Study: Big Sister’s Perspective’ which comes between chapters 12 and 13.
If you are curious about what books Yuu is into, she likes sci-fi and mysteries and stuff.

Bloom Into You continues to be a faithful adaptation of the manga, and I’m probably going to be saying that for almost every episode. I suspect things may get changed around for the last couple of episodes, unless a second season gets greenlit – after all, the manga is still ongoing.
Seeing Koyomi finish writing a novel really makes me want to get back into writing – I even came up with an idea that I would really enjoy writing about relatively recently. I just need to find the time.
Enough about me, though, let’s focus on Bloom Into You. We got some more great scenes between Yuu and Touko. Yuu may claim to not be in love with Touko, but she certainly seems to want to be around her a lot. Presumably this comes from Yuu’s idea of what love should be.
Maki continues to play the role of spectator, even stepping back so that Yuu can spend more time together with Touko.

Another excellent episode of Bloom Into You. The next one should be particularly good as well.

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1 Response to Bloom Into You Episode 5: Multiple Choice

  1. OG-Man says:

    This show is amazing! Keeps getting better and better.

    Rei-chan doing her best for her imouto! Looking forward to Touko’s surprise cheesecakes for Yuu.

    The entire scene in Yuu’s room was GOLD!

    Slowly but surely Yuu’s heart will show her the right path.

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