ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 5: Drive Tori

In the fifth episode of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA, Franchouchou have a couple of events to attend. Saki is extremely eager about both.

Right now

Saki is extremely hyped about getting to appear in an advert for Drive-In Tori

The first event that Franchouchou has is an advert for Drive-In Tori – a fast food place that Saki would regularly visit back when she was alive. She is gassed at the prospect of appearing in an advert for them, though she is disappointed that her fellow zombies don’t really know the place.


Franchouchou dressed up for Drive Tori’s advert

Everyone goes to Drive-In Tori, where the girls get to try the food and Tae continues to be the best zombie. After eating, the girls get changed into their outfits for the advert. They are also joined by Drive Tori’s mascot, Cocco.

Tae attempts to eat Cocco

Seems Tae has developed a taste for raw chicken

Tae immediately tries to eat the mascot, but Sakura manages to hold her back. With an incident averted – for now – the shoot for the advert begins. It takes a couple of takes, with some adjustments made for the sake of Tae, but they get a good shot in the end. However, that is not good enough for Kotaro.

Devour the Competition

Tae takes Saki’s words quite literally

Kotaro basically allows Tae to be set upon the mascot, and has the cameras record that. It works out in the end, though, as they are able to use some of the footage in the advert. No word on the fate of Cocco, though…


Kotaro deserves this

Moving on, Kotaro has another event for Franchouchou to participate in: the Gatalympics. This moves Saki to tears, whilst the other zombies once again don’t really know what that is.
It’s basically a serious of unique games held on mudflats, and is one of the most famous events of Saga Prefecture. For the event, the zombies get Franchouchou t-shirts to wear.


The t-shirts do not go down well

I won’t go into detail about how the girls get on in the events, but I will say that they end up covered in mud; that is a given for the Gatalympics. The mud completely covers their t-shirts, though, so any hope of actually advertising Franchouchou goes right out the window.

Zombie huddle

The girls accidentally wash their makeup off

Franchouchou go and hose themselves off, though this only results in them washing their makeup off as well. With the aid of some traffic cones, they manage to dive back into the mud and conceal their identities as zombies.

Mad Dash

Sakura and the others make a mad dash

Again, I won’t go into detail about the next event as it is a fairly fun watch that I don’t want to spoil. However, Tae almost exposes herself as a zombie, which has Sakura and the others make a panicked dash through the mud.
I found the pay off of this episode to be pretty funny as well, so I’ll just get straight into sharing my thoughts on this episode at this point.

This is closer to what I came to expect from ZOMBIE LAND SAGA after its first two episode. Just dumb fun that makes me laugh. The idol stuff is all right, but it has been done plenty of times before.
This makes for one of the better episodes, though still not quite as good as the first two.

Some intrigue is also introduced, with a character who seems to recognise one of the Franchouchou girls – presumably from back when she was alive. I’m interesting in seeing where that goes. Kotaro almost certainly has secrets he has been keeping, and this could be the thing that gradually unveils them.

The fifth episode of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA was a return to the dumb fun of its first couple of episodes, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. If the tone could remain like this until towards the end, then I certainly wouldn’t mind.

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1 Response to ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 5: Drive Tori

  1. OG-Man says:

    The show is at its best when it doesn’t give a damn. Great stuff all around.

    SakiSaku and KuguLily are my top 2 ships currently. JunTae don’t get as much time together as I’d hoped. Not yet anyway.

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