Aikatsu Friends Episode 29: Mixing Wonderful Lies with a Touch of Bracing Reality

Previously, Aikatsu Friends! made a pretty good effort at breaking my heart with Aine and Mio effectively breaking up. For now, they are both going solo, and Aine is faced with the challenge of surpassing Love Me Tear’s Mirai.

Mirai & Aine

Mirai and Aine acting together

Aine and Mirai are filming a TV show about an idol who learns that her senpai is a witch. In the scene they are filming, the witch tells the idol that she will have to erase her memories of everything – unless she can beat her on stage.
That will be the next episode they film, and the director tells Aine to sing to beat Mirai for real. Aine is not sure whether she can.


Mirai scares Aine – it seems to be how she greets any guest to her dressing room, even Karen

Aine visits Mirai to ask her about what the director said. If the situation was real, could Aine survive by relying on other people – that is the question that Mirai asks her. Mirai also tells Aine that she will need to toughen up to survive in the world of top idols.

Honey Cat

Honey Cat continue their Nationwide Fan Meeting Tour

Honey Cat upload a video to show the progress of their Nationwide Fan Meeting Tour – they only have 75 more events to go until they hit 100. Not even the rain can keep their biggest fans. Seeing Honey Cat gets Aine fired up to do her best as well.

More pop

Aine has to redo this scene multiple times

When filming starts again, Mirai jumps into the director’s seat and begins to run Aine ragged. She makes her retake scenes over minor details, which ends up exhausting her. There is one scene where Aine and Mirai are doing Aikatsu together – running whilst dragging pumpkins – and it takes everything Aine has to even just keep up with Mirai, and then she ups the pace.
Mirai tells Aine that she will need the determination to surpass her – and Mio as well.


Aine finds her determination

Aine finds her determination, and boldly claims that she will become Diamond Friends – right to Mirai’s face, no less.

Aine & Mirai perform

A duo made up of Aine and Mirai – I guess you could call them Pure Tear, or Love Me Palette

Aine finds her resolve, and the shoot continues. They film the big performance scene, and Aine doesn’t even come remotely close to beating Mirai. Within the show they are filming, the whole point of the performance was for the witch to see whole serious the idol was.

Witch & Idol

A happy conclusion for the witch and the idol

That wraps up the filming session, and Aine swears that she will improve so she can surpass Mio. Mirai also says that she is working hard every day to surpass her own perfect rival.

This was a pretty good episode of Aikatsu Friends!. So Love Me Tear are pushing to see an Aikatsu miracle, though I’m not sure how their harsh words to Mio would really help towards that.
At least Mirai had a better attitude towards Aine. She may have been pushing her, but I suppose that really gives Aine an idea of what to expect when she is standing shoulder to shoulder with top idols.
That show that Aine and Mirai were filming, about the witch and the idol – I’d watch something like that.

I enjoyed Aine and Mirai’s duet as well – presumably we’ll see other pairs like that performing together in the future. I’d say that Mio and Karen is most likely, but there is always the possibility of mixing up all four main Friend units – Pure Palette, Honey Cat, Reflect Moon and Love Me Tear.

I eagerly await the episode where Pure Palette is reunited, but before that it will be Karen’s turn to assist Mio in improving herself.

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