The third episode of SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER has the shinobi visit a hot spring, because that is a prime opportunity for even further fanservice. There is also the matter of the Shinobi Masters that weighs upon the ninjas’ minds. The usual warning applies here:

This post will contain NSFW images

With that warning out of the way, let’s see what happens in the third episode of SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER.

Asuka vs Yumi

Asuka clashes with Yumi

The episode picks up directly from the previous one, with Asuka telling Yumi not to participate in the Shinobi Masters. Asuka has no intention of explaining herself, and just attacks Yumi. Yumi defends herself, but ends up getting injured by Asuka. Asuka retreats after that.
Yumi returns to Gessen, where the other girls notice that she seems to be feeling a bit down. Murakumo has something to cheer Yumi up: a doujinshi she has written.


Not quite the reaction Murakumo was hoping for

Yumi reads it, and finds it to be funny. That is not the reaction Murakumo was hoping for, as the page that Yumi looked at was supposed to depict the struggles of those who follow the path of justice. Murakumo gives a couple more for Shiki and Minori to look at, and they both laugh at them. Again, not what Murakumo was hoping for.


The Hebijo students asks Suzune to allow them to participate in the Shinobi Masters

The Hebijo students meet with their teacher, Suzune and tell her about the Shinobi Masters. Murasaki wants to save the Hanzo students, as she doesn’t believe the destruction of the good ninja will be beneficial for them. Miyabi asks for permission to participate in the Shinobi Masters, and Suzune allows it. She is curious about what Gekkou and Senkou are after.

Yumi and Homura

Yumi and Homura talk about Asuka

Yumi decides to try visiting Asuka’s grandfather’s sushi shop to try and find out what is happening with Asuka, but the place is closed. She does end up meeting Homura, though, who had the same idea.
The two talk about Asuka, and Homura mentions how that they can feel her burning heart when they clash swords with her. There’s also the matter of the Shinobi Masters tournament – Homura is participating, and Yumi wants to help the Hanzo girls.
When Yumi’s injury plays up, Homura suggests that they should go and visit a hot spring.


This girl approaches a youma

Moving on, the girls go to the hot spring which means it is time for some fanservice.

Mirai & Haruka

Haruka notices that Mirai has experienced a little growth

Yozakura & Minori

Minori finds comfort in Yozakura’s bosom


Murakumo decides to do some hands-on research for her doujin

Whilst that is all happening at the hot springs, the mysterious girl who approached the youma earlier goes to a shrine in search of a specific person. At the shrine, she is stopped by the three Mikagura sisters.

Mikagura sisters

Hanabi, Renka & Kafuru

Naraku & Kagura

Naraku & Kagura

The shrine’s visitor is specifically seeking out Kagura, in order to ask her to participate in the Shinobi Masters. Asking a child to participate might seem a little odd, but those of us who have played Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson know that there is more going on with Kagura than meets the eye. Supposedly the winner of the Shinobi Masters tournament will be given the chance to battle the ultimate Youma.


Murakumo continues to conduct her research

Back to the hot springs, and Haruka eagerly offers herself up as a research subject for Murakumo. Not wanting to be outdone, Mirai does so as well. It pretty much ends with a blow to Mirai’s self esteem.

Homura vs Asuka

Homura fights Asuka; that is who they are after all

Asuka puts in an appearance, and calls Homura out. She tells Homura not to participate in the Shinobi Masters. Homura says she doesn’t mind passing on it, as it is Asuka’s job to save the Hanzo students. However, the pair end up fighting anyway; that’s because that is the way they have always done things.

Crimson Homura

Crimson Homura

As the fight goes on, Asuka uses underhanded tactics to get the edge on Homura. Homura draws Engetsuka, turning into Crimson Homura in order to strike at Asuka with everything she has. However, Asuka brings the fight to an end before she can do so. That is where this episode ends.

I still want to know what has gotten into Asuka. I was hoping that Homura fighting her would make her regain her senses, but that wasn’t the case.
This episode contained a few references to Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. The fight between Ultimate Asuka and Crimson Homura that this episode references happened in that game and Naraku and Kagura first appeared there as well.
The Mikagura sisters come from Estival Versus, which I have yet to play.

This episode had some pretty neat funny moments, generally involving Murakumo. Her fellow students’ reaction to her doujin amused me, and I’ll admit to laughing at her hands-on research. Particularly Mirai’s reaction.

I have also previously said it would be good if this show could make me actually care for Yumi, and I have to admit I feel that I am warming up to her a little after this episode. It was the scene where she laughed at Murakumo’s doujinshi that was responsible for that.
She won’t ever be in my top three Senran Kagura shinobi, though – for the record, they are Asuka, Homura and Mirai.

I’m also starting to think that this show will be focusing exclusively on the female characters. Hanzo himself could have appeared in this episode, but he was nowhere to be seen. Kiriya has been absent as well, even though his students are in trouble. If he does show up, I just hope it is not his Peach Beach Splash incarnation (urgh…)
Still, certainly won’t get any complaints from me if the show is just exclusively focusing on its female characters.

This episode delivered comedy, fanservice and some action. Three episodes in, and I have to say I am liking SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER quite a bit.

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