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Another MCM London Comic Con has come and gone, and I picked up a few items whilst I was there. It also happened to be the first time that I attended two days of the event; the Saturday was planned, the Sunday was just on a whim.
Over the course of both days, I picked up plenty of goodies. In fact, this particular haul may be the most I have ever bought from any Comic Con I have attended. I’ll just try not to think too hard about how much money I spent…
Without further ado, here is what I bought from Comic Con.img_20181029_154502.jpgAs per tradition, I always stop by TokyoToys to pick up some Pocky. This particular pack contains chocolate, green tea matcha, strawberry, choco banana and cookies & cream flavours, as well as Hello Panda biscuits. As you can see, there is also a Rupee keyring.IMG_20181029_151911I picked up five new volumes of manga. Three of them were Laid Back Camp, and I also picked up volume 1 of Crisis Girls and the Kemono Friends manga. It seems another tradition I have with Comic Con is taking a chance on a new manga – back in May it was Monster Tamer Girls & Unmagical Girl, whilst here it is Crisis Girls. As soon as I have read it, I’ll share my thoughts here.img_20181029_153647.jpgMy ever expanding collection of anime saw some new additions from Comic Con as well: Mikagura School Suite, Show By Rock!!, Yurikuma Arashi, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Hello!! KinMoza, Gatchaman Crowds Insight, Dragon Ball Super and One Piece. Buying a Blu-ray player earlier this year has certainly upped my spending when it comes to anime…
Well, One Piece is just DVD, but that is the only one; the others are either just Blu-ray or dual format.
Actually, Love Live! Sunshine!! is a collector’s edition, so let’s take a closer look at that.IMG_20181029_153754IMG_20181030_122513There’s the front and back of the box above. Now for what is inside.

Above is the front and back of the case that holds the Blu-ray discs, which is designed to look like a school bag. Open it up, and you’ll find two Blu-ray discs.img_20181030_122635.jpgBesides the Blu-rays, the Collector’s Edition includes a couple of other items.IMG_20181030_122749There are three Aqours stickers, seemingly stylising the group’s name based on certain characters. The final item in the Collector’s Edition is a neat little thing.IMG_20181030_122817It is a School Idol Club Diary, which features profiles of the characters, brief interviews with some of the cast and other various pieces of artwork.IMG_20181030_122925IMG_20181030_123036The above two images give a general idea of what is inside the School Idol Club Diary. That’s enough from Aqours for now, let’s get back to focusing on what else I got from MCM.IMG_20181029_152224From Rice Digital, I picked up a Senran Kagura Burst t-shirt. I’ve been after this for a little while, and I finally had the opportunity to get one so I seized it. SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER has got me in quite the Senran Kagura mood lately, so I was happy I could get hold of this.
Remember when I said that we were done with Aqours? That was a lie. This next item was a belated birthday gift to me.IMG_20181029_154549It was the Aqours official illustration book, which features plenty of art that will be familiar to players of Love Live! School Idol Festival. I’ll share some of it here in a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That covers everything I got on the Saturday. However, those aren’t the only items I bought; I went back on the Sunday on a whim and acquired a few more items. So here’s what I picked up on my second day of Comic Con.IMG_20181029_152358I had seen a few people wandering around the convention wearing this Doctor Who hoodie, and I decided I wanted to get one for myself. It features the thirteenth Doctor leaning up against the TARDIS. This is actually the first piece of Doctor Who merchandise I have bought; I was just content with watching the show before, but I couldn’t resist this.
The front just has a zip and the Doctor Who logo – it is the back that is most interesting.

I tend to try and pick up an anime figure whenever I go to Comic Con, and this time is no exception. Well, it might be a bit of an exception, because I picked up two.IMG_20181029_162350From Fresh Pretty Cure!, it is Cure Peach and Cure Pine. The two make up a set, so I figured why not buy both. The stall that had these also had Cure Berry, but no Cure Passion which was a bit of a disappointment – otherwise I would have bought back the whole Fresh Pretty Cure! team. Oh well.
Cure Peach’s box is a bit damaged, but the figure inside was fine. Let’s take a look at both them.img_20181029_163943.jpgFairly nice figures. They’ll make fine additions to my collection alongside Cure Diamond, Cure Blossom and Cure Moonlight. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find Maho Girls PreCure! or Hugtto! PreCure figures next time – or maybe I’ll just have to see about ordering them online.
The Cure Peach and Cure Pine figures weren’t the only PreCure merchandise I was able to pick up.IMG_20181030_133659[1]I was able to find and buy the Kawamura Toshie Toei Animation PreCure Works book, which features art primarily from Yes! PreCure 5 and Smile! PreCure. Not my favourite PreCure seasons, but I’ll happily buy all the PreCure things. It also features art from the first three All Stars films, so that’s nice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That wasn’t the only PreCure art book I found.IMG_20181030_135638I also picked up the Kagawa Hisashi Toei Animation PreCure Works book, which mostly focuses on Fresh Pretty Cure!. There’s also a little bit of Go! Princess PreCure in there as well. I’ll share a few of the pages in a slideshow again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that pretty much covers everything I bought at Comic Con, and I am very happy with my haul. I particularly like my art books – think I’ll have to make a habit out of seeking them out in the future.

I also managed to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate whilst I was at Comic Con. I tried playing as Inkling, but I’d need some time to learn them properly. I got two rounds, so I played as Link for the second one to see how he had changed from the previous game.
I also went and saw Hibiki Yoshizaki’s panel, which was centred around his Me!Me!Me! short film. There was some Evangelion stuff as well, including a teaser trailer for the fourth and final film in the Rebuild of Evangelion series.

I had a great weekend at Comic Con, and am very happy with everything that I brought back with me.

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  1. Krystallina says:

    Some awesome goodies!

  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    Nice Senran Kagura shirt. Try not to tear it when fighting ninjas.

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