Hugtto! PreCure Episode 38: Ghosts, Witches and Heroes

After the mind blowing spectacle that was episodes 36 and 37 of Hugtto! PreCure, the shows goes back to just focusing on one group of Cures. With October 31st approaching, it is only fitting that we get a Halloween episode.

Hana drawing

Hana makes some interesting faces whilst drawing

Harry and Hugtan happen upon Hana, who is busily scribbling away at something. Hugtan decides to investigate, and is immediately freaked out. Harry has a similar reaction after he takes a look to see what made Hugtan cry. It’s a poster for a big Halloween event that is being sponsored by Hugman and Sumire’s magazine, so Hana thought she’d help out by designing a poster.

Kaiju & Mecha

Emiru likes giant monsters, whilst Saaya like mecha

The main event is a costume dance party, with the theme being dreams. Hana suggests that they just dress up as whatever they like. For Emiru, that would be a giant monster, whilst for Saaya it would be a mecha. Everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit, but there are two who don’t quite understand.

Is this Halloween

Ruru and Harry don’t really get Halloween

It falls to Hana and the others to explain just what Halloween is about. All Hana can come up with is that it is about costumes, jack-o-lanterns, bats, ghosts, skeletons and sweets.
Saaya, being more informed than Hana, looks it up and tells them that October 31st was the night where the Ancient Celts ancestors’ spirits would return to them.
Ruru and Harry still don’t quite get it, so Hana decides that they should just go a little overboard to make up for it.

Saaya and Ruru

Saaya and Ruru remain as competitive as ever

Following that, everyone starts preparing for the Halloween event. It’s not just Hana and her friends who are preparing. Even Daigan is making sweets, though he finds himself struggling a bit with the finer points. He also gets an unexpected visitor.


Risutor tells Daigan he can return to Criasu

Risutor shows up, and tells Daigan that he is welcome to go back to Criasu if he wants. He doesn’t have to decide immediately, but Risutor does give him a business card.

Witch Hana

I like to think Hana was inspired to dress up as a witch after meeting Mirai and Riko

The event starts, and Hana notices Harry looking a little sad. He quickly puts that behind him, and focuses on the event. Of course, Hana isn’t the only one who has dressed up – the other girls are in their costumes as well.

Homare & Saaya

I guess Saaya chose to be a fallen angel for Halloween. I like it

Emiru & Ruru

Emiru and Ruru dressed as pirates – so good

The girls also happen to have several costumes for Hugtan to wear. They have a try a few, but that only increases Hugtan’s weariness levels.

Weary Hugtan

Ruru detects that Hugtan’s weariness has increased by 78%

The girls stop dressing Hugtan in different costumes, and Hana just asks what she wants to dress up. Hugtan simply wants to dress as PreCure. With that, the girls decide to get to work on Hugtan’s costume.

Monster of the Week

Daigan summons a Wild Oshimaidaa

Daigan finds himself unable to resist the allure of Criasu Corporation, so he ends up summoning a Wild Oshimaidaa. As it causes havoc at the event, Hana and the others go to confront. Hana has an idea about how they should handle the situation.

Halloween show

A super special Halloween PreCure show

The fight against the Wild Oshimaidaa is framed as part of the event, with each member of PreCure getting in an attack against their foe before they finish it off.

Pupple & Daigan

Pupple admonishes Daigan

After the battle, Pupple finds Daigan and gives him a good smack on the head. She also lets him know that the treats he made went down really well with the kids. All that hard work paid off.
Following that, Hana speaks with Harry. He talks about how things would be if time stops, but Hana assures him that she and the others will be there to meet the future head on.

Hugtan's PreCure costume

Hugtan’s costume change is complete


A familiar face briefly appears before Harry

The episode ends with everyone deciding to enjoy the rest of the night.

This was a fun episode. Emiru and Ruru wearing matching pirate outfits was great, and I do like Saaya’s demon costume a lot as well.
We got some more hints about the connection between Harry and Hugtan. I am curious about the ‘lost things stay lost’ line though. Speculation suggests that Hugtan’s true form is the girl Harry sees at the end of the episode, but Hugtan hasn’t exactly been lost. I wonder if the situation is a little more complicated than that.

This episode had some great funny moments as well. Hana’s faces whilst drawing were excellent, and I’m glad to see that Saaya and Ruru remain competitive with each other. A decent Halloween episode.

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