Bloom Into You Episode 4: Spectator

In episode four of Bloom Into You, Touko has plans in mind for the student council to do something for the upcoming cultural festival. However, not all of the members are exactly on board with the idea.

Presidential Couple

The ‘presidential couple’ – Touko would be the husband, apparently

Touko is in a very good mood after what happened with Yuu in the previous episode, and everyone pretty much picks up on it. She meets up with Sayaka during the morning and has something planned for the next student council meeting.

Koyomi's WritingNext, Koyomi, who is busily writing… well, something that’s not the notes from the blackboard. She keeps it hidden when Yuu inquires as to what it is. I figured I would mention this small scene as Koyomi has grown on me quite a bit, especially as of volume 5 of the manga.

Play Revival

Yuu wants to bring back the student council play

Following that, all five members of the student council have a meeting to discuss their duties. The cultural festival is coming up, and Touko announces that she intends to revive the student council stage show. That particular announcement gets a mixed reception.

Maki and Yuu

Maki and Yuu aren’t exactly on board with Touko’s suggestion

For now, though, the student council have to take care of some paperwork. They end up discussing the reasons that Yuu and Maki joined the student council. Yuu claims it was because she was swept up in becoming a campaign manager. As for Maki, he feels that he has always done best in a supporting role.

Yuu & Touko

After everyone else is gone, Touko asks to kiss Yuu

With the evening setting in, the student council decide to head off for the day. Touko chooses to stay behind, and Yuu ends up joining her. Once they are alone, Touko asks Yuu if she can kiss her.

Long eyelashes

Yuu allows Touko to kiss her

Yuu is reluctant at first, but she admits that she is not disinterested in it. Ultimately, she ends up allowing Touko to kiss her – as Touko leans in towards her, Yuu notices how long her eyelashes are.


Maki witnessed the kiss

Maki left his pencil case in the student council room. He returned to retrieve it, but witnessed Touko kissing Yuu. He decides to leave it for the time being.

Returning the pencil case

Yuu returns Maki’s pencil case

The next day, Yuu returns the pencil case to Maki. When she does so, he asks what she and Touko were doing. Yuu almost panics, but manages to dodge the question.


Yuu still resists the play’s revival, even with Touko’s bribe

Going back to the student council room once more, Yuu is still refusing to go along with the revival of the student council play. Touko begs Yuu to do the play, but she is adamant in her refusal. Meanwhile, Maki just gets to enjoy the spectacle unfolding in front of him.

Sayaka talks with Maki

Sayaka and Maki talk about Touko and Yuu

Sayaka and Maki take some files over to the Reference Room, where Sayaka asks Maki if he is dead set against the play. He isn’t as against it as Yuu as is, and if it does go ahead he would rather work behind the scenes.
Maki has a question for Sayaka after that, about how close Touko and Yuu have gotten. Sayaka just writes it off as Touko being excited about getting a kouhai.

Maki talks with Yuu

Maki tells Yuu that she gets on really well with Touko

Moving on, Maki has an opportunity to ask Yuu if she and Touko are dating after what he saw before. Yuu is taken aback at first, but once she regains her composure the first thing she says is that Maki can’t tell Touko that he saw.


When it comes to romance, Maki prefers to be a spectator

Maki finds people in love fascinating, and enjoys watching love stories unfold in front of him. He loses interest if someone confesses to him – a character from a story should not fall in love with a spectator.
And now, Maki has discovered a new love story: the one between Touko and Yuu.
Maki can see that Yuu does like Touko – after all, she was most concerned about her when Maki said he saw them. The episode ends with Yuu processing this.

I’ve been waiting for chapters 6 and 7 of the manga to be adapted, because I wanted to share my thoughts on Maki. I think, in a way, he is representative of the audience – whether its the readers of the manga or the viewers of the anime, presumably most people who have chosen to watch Bloom Into You have done so to watch the love story between Touko and Yuu unfold.

As for the rest of the episode, it seems that Yuu may be slowly coming to terms with the fact that she could actually have feelings for Touko. After all, she was fine with being kissed. There’s also Maki, who firmly believes that Yuu is in love with Touko. It may not be the shoujo romance she was expecting, but there is definitely something stirring within Yuu’s heart towards Touko.

I feel like Yuu gets cuter and cuter with each passing episode. I can see why Touko fell for her.

This was another very faithful adaptation of the manga. The scene with Touko attempting to bribe Yuu was altered a tiny bit – in the manga, Touko offers Yuu a wafer straw. Here, in the anime, it’s strawberry flavoured Pocky. It has no impact on the grand scheme of things, but I thought I would quickly mention it.
All in all, Bloom Into You continues to go from strength to strength.

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2 Responses to Bloom Into You Episode 4: Spectator

  1. OG-Man says:

    Another fantastic kiss scene!

    Maki-kun is seen as the #SpiritAnimal of shoujo romance fans and I agree with all but his stance on personal romance. I want both myself.

    Sayaka continues being a poor cursed soul. I look forward to learning more about her though.

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