I’ve decided that I will cover SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER on a weekly basis, mostly just because. The second episode takes cues from Peach Beach Splash, so there’ll be quite a lot of fanservice.

This post will contain NSFW images

With that warning, let’s take a look at the plot of SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER‘s second episode.

Yozakura & Yumi

Yumi can’t concentrate when she is sparring with Yozakura

The episode begins with the Gessen Girls’ Academy ninjas. Yumi and Yozakura are sparring, but Yozakura realises that Yumi isn’t focused so she brings their session to an end. Shortly after that, an arrow is shot from nowhere, with an invitation to a spa resort attached.

Rock paper boobs

Yumi ends up playing a game of “rock, paper, boobs”, with a little help from Murakumo

Yumi isn’t so sure about going to the spa resort, whilst the other Gessen girls are very eager to do so. Since their intrepid leader isn’t so sure, the other girls decide to settle it with a game of “rock, paper, boobs”. Yumi ends up losing, so the Gessen girls decide to go to the spa.

Homura, Yomi & Mirai

Homura and her allies carry out a mission

During the night, Homura’s Crimson Squad has managed to acquire a mission – a rare thing for them, as they are renegades.


Mirai lines up her shot

Homura’s Crimson Squad have no difficulty tackling the mission, up until the arrival of the ninjas from Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy. Their target is the same, so naturally the leaders of the two teams end up clashing.

Homura vs Miyabi

Homura fights Miyabi

The fight is interrupted by two arrows being shot from out of nowhere. Again, they have invitations to a spa resort attached. Homura and Miyabi reach an agreement about their target, and go their separate ways.
Moving on, Homura’s Crimson Squad, Gessen Girls’ Academy and Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy all arrive at the resort. They know that they are potentially walking into a trap, but most of them are more concerned about just having fun.


Imu came prepared

The girls change into their swimsuits and head out into the pool. Imu even brought a camera along, and makes sure to snap some pictures of Miyabi.


Ryona wants all eyes on her

Whilst most of the girls enjoy the pool in their own ways, Yumi is a bit despondent. With a gathering of all the girls, the absence of Asuka and the other girls from Hanzo seems strange.


Homura challenges the others to a water gun fight

Homura decides that with everyone gathered together, they might as well take the opportunity to have a water gun fight. Miyabi is opposed at first, but Homura is able to goad her into it. Haruka also brings something to spice things up: a special chemical that render any clothing it strikes transparent. Anyone who ends up naked is out, and the team with the last girl standing wins.
Imu is rather conflicted about this: she wants to win, but she certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Miyabi naked.
As you can probably imagine, much nudity ensues.

Mirai with water gun

Mirai manages to eliminate Shiki, Minori & Murakumo.

The water fight gets underway, and Mirai puts up a pretty impressive showing. She is able to eliminate Minori and Shiki, before moving on and getting Murakumo. Ryona and Ryobi team up to take down Mirai, but Ryona’s masochistic tendencies result in her sister eliminating her. Ryobi and Mirai eliminate each other after that.


Homura, Yumi and Miyabi eliminate each other at the same time

The water gun fight comes down to the final three competitors: Homura, Yumi and Miyabi. The three team captains give it all they’v got against each other, and the end result is a draw. Yumi and Miyabi are fine with that, but Homura insists she won as her swimsuit turned invisible last.
Regardless, the end result is a tie. The swimsuits return to normal when soaked with clean water, so everybody gets hosed down.

Senkou & Gekkou

Senkou and Gekkou

Finally, the people who sent out the invitations to the spa resort reveal themselves: they are Senkou and Gekkou. They reveal that they gathered everyone together to see if they are willing to participate in a battle to determine the strongest shinobi: the Shinobi Masters. Senkou and Gekkou reveal that they are holding four of the Hanzo Academy girls captive, and threaten to kill them if the others don’t participate.


Asuka tells Yumi she won’t let her participate in the Shinobi Masters

After that, Yumi ends up meeting with Asuka. She is relieved to see her safe, but Asuka isn’t exactly herself. It seems that her defeat at the hands of Senkou and Gekkou has really affected her, as she says there is no justice for shinobi. Sword and shield are meaningless, or that’s what Asuka has seemed to convince herself.

That brings episode 2 of SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER to a close.
Seeing Homura’s Crimson Squad on a mission was neat, and I’m hoping we get to see more of that kind of thing – Homura’s brief scuffle with Miyabi was fairly neat.
Then we had plenty of fanservice. Ryona did come across as a bit extreme – I know she is masochistic, but I don’t recall it being to that level. It has been a fair while since I have played Shinovi Versus, though.
Like I have already mentioned, this episode is an obvious nod to Peach Beach Splash – the water gun fight is dubbed Peach Beach Splash: Totally Nude Version, after all.  Mirai certainly pulled her weight, and Haruka ending up on the receiving end of her own chemical was pretty amusing.

So for now, it seems that episodes will focus on fanservice first and foremost, with actual story generally taking place during the final act of each episode. In this case, it was Senkou and Gekkou’s announcement of the Shinobi Masters. I just hope that the Hanzo Academy shinobi get to have a far more active role in future episodes.

My biggest problem with this episode is Asuka. From the games I have played, I don’t believe for a moment that Asuka would totally give up on her ideals, and therefore her friends. Asuka has suffered many defeats before, but she would always get back up and try again.
Presumably someone is going to snap her out of it – I’d guess Homura. If Homura heard what Asuka said to Yumi, I’d imagine that Homura would kick Asuka’s arse. Assuming that it actually was Asuka, and not some fake. I guess anything is a possibility at this point.

This was a fairly decent episode, even if I do have some issues with Asuka at the end.

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