Looking Forward to MCM London Comic Con

MCM London Comic ConSaturday 27th October is quickly baring down upon us, and that is when I shall be venturing into London once more the MCM London Comic Con. Needless to say that I am looking forward to it very much, and I thought I would share a few highlights of what can be expected there.For the first time, the BBC are bringing an official Doctor Who stand to Comic Con, which offers four world firsts. These are a chance to see the Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS up close; get a taster of the official Doctor Who Live Escape Game; buy the new “Dr. Thirteenth” book from the world of Roger Hargreaves and “The Secret in Vault 13” from renowned children’s book author David Solomons; and finally see the new Thirteenth Doctor Barbie up close. Buying “The Women Who Lived” book from Penguin Random House will also get you an exclusive t-shirt.
Out of those four things, it is seeing the TARDIS up close that interests me the most. I suspect that the stand may prove quite popular. On the subject of Doctor Who, there will also be guests from the show.

Comic Con always has an anime guest of honour, and this time around is no different. The guest is Hibiki Yoshizaki, who directed short film ME!ME!ME!. There will be a showcase of the short, exhibiting a variety of artwork from the film as well as a screening of said short. There will also be ME!ME!ME! merchandise, and the show’s official art book to buy.
https://www.mcmcomiccon.com/london/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2018/09/Veroinica-Taylor-2018-01.jpgOne of the guests attending Comic Con will be Veronica Taylor, who many will know as the voice of Ash Ketchum from eight seasons of Pokémon. Of course, she also has many other roles, including Sailor Pluto. There will be other voice actors present as well.

There’s far more going on at Comic Con than I have mentioned here – their website has all of that covered. However, there is one thing that I am more hyped about than anything. As they have been in the past, Nintendo will be present at Comic Con and they are bringing a few playable games along with them. A couple of these are games that are coming out in the next couple of months.

Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! will both be playable at Comic Con. I will probably pick one of the games up, but I’m currently undecided on which version I want. Pokémon Yellow was my first video game, but I prefer Eevee to Pikachu. Maybe playing them at Comic Con will help me reach a decision.
New Super Mario Bros U DeluxeNew Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe will also be playable. Maybe we’ll even see a Bowsette or two playing it.
More importantly, there is one other upcoming release that I am super excited to play at Comic Con – even if it means queuing for a long while.Super Smash Bros UltimateSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate will be playable at Comic Con. This is another thing I can see being super popular. Still, it’s an exciting opportunity that I hope to seize with both hands.

I’ve already mentioned that there is loads going on – there’s Marvel and DC stuff, stars from films and TV shows, even more video games besides the ones I’ve mentioned here… and I’ll be cosplaying as Kemono Friends‘ Kaban again.

As usual, I’ll report back on here afterwards with all the stuff I buy – I’m still hoping that one day I’ll be able to find some Symphogear merch at this event. Perhaps I’ll be able to pick up a new PreCure figure – maybe even something from Hugtto!

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1 Response to Looking Forward to MCM London Comic Con

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    Looks like a lot of cool games will be playable at the con. The last time I went to MCM there were big lines to try out Dark Souls 2.

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