Hugtto! PreCure Episode 37: Everyone is Here!

I’ve been hearing quite a lot about ambitious crossovers this year, and Toei has decided that PreCure should get in on that fun with its thirty-seventh episode. Yes, that title I’ve used for this post is the obvious Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reference, but when I say everyone… well, let’s just take a look.

Triple PreCure Kick Part 2

Triple PreCure Kick, part 2

The episode starts with the continued battle against Doctor Traum. The Hugtto Cures use their finishing move against him, but he gets back. They prevent his ability to rewind time, but the doctor doesn’t give up that easily.

Captive Yell

Yell gets captured when she saves Hugtan

Traum’s mecha effectively evolves, sprouting lots of arms that attempt to grab PreCure and the fairies. Hugtan almost gets grabbed, but Cure Yell dives in to save her. She ends up getting captured. However…

Cure White & Cure Black

Cure Black and Cure White arrive

Cure Black and Cure White join the fray, and as we saw at the end of the last episode they bring another ally with them.

Shiny Luminous

Shiny Luminous

Traum is taken down again, but this only results in him going berserk. The gathered Cures are pulled into what I assume is just pure toge-power – the mascots manage to get to safety beforehand.


Hana refuses to give up

All the Cures revert back to their normal selves and are just stuck in a void. However, Hana has no intention of giving up and starts to cheer for herself and everyone else. If this was one of the All Stars films, this would be the audience participation bit.
Everyone else starts cheering as well, and the Cures are released and ready to fight once more.


An army of Oshimaidaas await

The Cures’ next task is simple: defeat an army. They are totally outnumbered, but things start to get really good as reinforcements arrive.

Cure Scarlet & Cure Flora

Cure Scarlet and Cure Flora, from Go! Princess PreCure

One by one, the other groups of Pretty Cure start arriving to join their allies in the fight. I’ll just sum it up with this screenshot:

Everyone is Here!

Everyone is here!

So what follows is a battle of epic proportions. I would love to screenshot every single moment of it and share it here, but I’ll hold back a bit and just choose some of my highlights.

Ice Cures

Cure Marine, Cure Diamond, Cure Aqua, Cure Mermaid and Cure Gelato

Cure Beauty & Cure Sword

Cure Beauty & Cure Sword

Cure Happy, Cure Yell and Cure Dream

Cure Happy, Cure Yell and Cure Dream

Cure Blossom & Cure Flora

Cure Blossom & Cure Flora

Cure Ace, Cure Moonlight, Cure Chocolat & Cure Macaron

Cure Ace, Cure Moonlight, Cure Chocolat & Cure Macaron

Cure Bloom, Cure Egret, Cure Miracle, Cure Magical, Cure Princess & Cure Lovely

Cure Bloom, Cure Egret, Cure Miracle, Cure Magical, Cure Princess & Cure Lovely – all Pretty Cure that can change forms


Cure Scarlet, Cure Ma Cherie, Cure Beat, Cure Amour & Cure Passion

Lead Cures

All the lead Cures

OK, that was pretty much most of the battle anyway – so much for holding back.
After those excellent scenes of all of Pretty Cure fighting their foes, the leaders launch an attack on Traum. He goes down, but soon gets back up with one final form.

Final form

Doctor Traum’s final form

Cure Yell is intimidated by the colossal foe, but Cure Black reassures her that everything will work out. With the words of encouragement from all the other PreCure groups, a new power springs forth.

PreCure Mirai Brace

PreCure Mirai Brace

Much like a Spirit Bomb, everyone offers their support for the final attack to defeat Doctor Traum. Oh, and when I say everyone…

Cure Pekorin & Cure Mofurun

I bet this scene made a certain fellow PreCure fan lose their mind…

Michiru & Kaoru

This one made my lose mine – watch Splash Star to learn more about these two


Some familiar faces – I like how Bibury manages to be tsundere even in a still shot. Also got a lot of love for Regina on the right there

Cure Echo

Even Cure Echo is there

I mean everyone. Doctor Traum is blasted by PreCure All For You, and he is finally defeated. He gets a small, somewhat touching scene with Ruru as a send off. Time begins to flow again in the affected areas, and everyone returns to their proper places.

15th Anniversary

15 years of PreCure

That brings this episode to an end, and whew, what an excellent episode. So it turns out that the best PreCure All Stars film is actually episodes 36 and 37 of Hugtto! PreCure.
This episode even acknowledged characters that are generally left out of the usual crossover films, which even invoked an actual vocal reaction from me. It’s a rare thing that can do that to me.


The 15th anniversary celebration for PreCure has been absolutely brilliant, though these two recent episodes have certainly set a very high bar for the upcoming Hugtto! PreCure film – which we saw a preview of during the opening credits.

It was such a brilliant feeling seeing all the Cures in action together. Before this episode, none of the crossover films ever really managed to capture the same hype as the first All Stars for me. These two episodes – this one in particular – did manage to do that. It’s not even one of the actual films.
It’s Pretty Cure doing what Pretty Cure do best, and I’ll probably be riding the wave of the hype for quite a while.
Talking of crossovers… c’mon, Koei Tecmo, hurry up and give us a PreCure Warriors game.

Whew, how do you follow up an episode like this one? You don’t, but Halloween is coming up so Hugtto! PreCure will be doing that instead.



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